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Anya: I think I remember liking this development chart. There's a huge range in "normal" and rolling/sitting/crawling early or late aren't indicative of much of anything later in life.  I've never done exercises with little ones.  My babies always hated "tummy time" but they spent plenty of time chest to chest on me in a sling, which really uses the same muscles. 
I've done such a poor job of taking pictures of my rapidly changing baby.  Here are a few I took today at 2.5 weeks old.                  
My 3 year old decided this summer that she was going to be a witch and baby would be a cat .  She really wanted DD1 (6yrs) to be a witch too, but the important point was for DD3 to be a cat to go with her witch.  DD1 initially insisted that she would be a princess, but then we found a witch costume identical to the one we'd gotten for DD2, so she decided to be a matching witch.    For the baby I did a pink fleece hoodie with a cat hood from Old Navy.  I'll probably...
DH's first week back at work just ended.  It's been a rough week, but I overall felt like it was going well and I was doing ok.  Now he's got a stomach bug   I'm trying desperately not to panic here
Co-sleeping - I use blankets, but angle them so they stay under DD3's armpits.  We switch sides nursing at night, so DD3 sleeps on whatever side she fell asleep nursing last, sometimes on the side, sometimes in the middle of me and DH.  When DD2 crawls in with us at night she sleeps on the other side of DH.  It's a super low king sized bed from ikea that I think is perfect for this stage.  I leak PLENTY, day and night, but I still sleep topless.  We have a wool blanket...
I'm sorry.  PPD sucks.  Fish oil is a good supplement to help.  I want to encourage you to seek help sooner rather than later.  Discuss it with your midwife.  I had a really rough time after DD2 and really wish I'd sought help and gotten it under control earlier.  Many antidepressants are safe while BFing if supplements aren't helping.
I was told stairs only when absolutely necessary for the first 5 days.  I could take our 0.6mi evening walk starting 1 week pp.  No lifting anything heavier than baby (thus not my older kids or laundry, etc) till 2 weeks out.    I spent the first 3 days mostly in our bedroom.  I went down for dinner with my family on day 2.  I spent more time downstairs for days 4-5.  I'm 8 days out and slowly getting back into things.  We did the walk as a family last night, and...
Weeks of pre-labor, often meeting the 1-5-1 rule.  One day (9am on) of more intense, but highly irregular and widely spaced, never anywhere close to meeting the 1-5-1 rule.  About 50 minutes of active labor, water broke at 7:56 and I was immediately pushing, crowning at 8:03, birth at 8:05. 
My older girls each had a full head of hair at birth, but nothing like Vella's thick long dark hair.  I think she'll have my DH's thick, dark, curly/wavy hair.  My hair was much more like DD2's, actually blonder.
I'm 6 days out.  I've been following my midwife's instructions to take things super easy, not climb the stairs unless absolutely necessary for the first 5 days, not lift my big girls for the first 2 weeks, etc.  DH is doing just about everything, and I've spend huge percentages of the day sitting in my glider in our bedroom nursing and holding the tiny one   I have slowly spent more and more time downstairs with the family.  I've been missing my big girls and...
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