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I'm having very very intense painful holy crap this better be labor contractions all day.  However, they're pretty spaced out with no pattern at all.  So, I feel really silly between them, like I should be moving about my regular day and why on earth are we burning a vacation day/day of paternity leave over this.  Then one hits and I'm thinking "We need to call the birth team NOW" and "Oh my G-d, you couldn't leave me alone with the kids right now for the world."  I have...
I'm 40w5d today.  This morning I scheduled a BPP for Wednesday, which I'm trying not to freak out about.  I've been super low stress about the birth and the health of the baby and so on, and suddenly I'm all worried   My midwife is generally very calm and not at all reactionary.  Although "technically legally" she has a 42 week cut off, she's not very strict about it.  I have no reason to be concerned, but I've never gone over before.  I totally expected to have my baby...
Mole, I'm so sorry about your traumatic birth and rough early days with your sweet baby.  I hope things continue to look up for you both.  Sending love, light, and healing vibes   Ascher, how exciting.  I hope labor kicks in soon.  Sending you peaceful labor vibes.   Carlin, I'm sorry your DH is scheduled to be out of town so soon.  I can't imagine how stressful that time table must feel.  Hope things work out well for you.     AFM: I'm now 40w 5d.  At my...
Congratulations   I'm sorry to hear about the scary ending and the episiotomy.  Glad to hear Audrie is perfectly fine.  I hope you heal quickly.  Enjoy your new little nursling.
40 + 3 here.  I'm going absolutely insane.  I've had pre-labor for weeks, getting increasingly intense and harder to ignore.  It's such a mind game.  DD1 came at 38w0d (when I totally expected to go to 40-42 weeks) and DD2 at 40w1d (at 5am, went into labor on her due date).  I assumed this baby would arrive between 37-40 weeks, guessing 38-39, but adding a week on either end...  Not so much.  My whole household (and birth team...) have been on high alert for weeks.  It's...
I can see if Judy.  He's beautiful.
Congratulations Evi   Sounds like quite a birth story.  Bet your mom is glad your water didn't break on the drive. 
  Congratulations Judy!  Can't wait to hear Leo's birth story.
Yay Judy and Evi. Can't wait to read your birth stories. Princess Jules, hope you get some rest or a baby tonight. Up late arguing with DH. Haven't done that in a long time. Now he's sound asleep, and I got up to pee. Really we're all just worn out and done.
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