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Congratulations. He's beautiful.
Wishing you a wonderful birth. Can't wait to hear how it went, and to find out if you had DD5 or DS1
Good luck Judy.  Sending you labor vibes   Carlin, I'm so sorry your DH is looking at traveling so soon after baby is born.  I'd be super upset too.  It's wonderful that you have local family support, but having your DH there is just so different.  He is, after all, your partner.   Ascher, I'm pretty sure most home birth midwives have the 42 week cut off too.  That's what Judy's facing.  Hope your little one decides to arrive on his/her own before your cut...
40 weeks 1 day with DD1 and DD2      
JudyBean, sending labor vibes your way.      And Evi, hoping all of your tests come back fine, or you end up with a baby tonight.    Juicy, I hope everything works out with the birth, your mom coming, and your DH's board exams.    AFM This is officially the longest I've ever been pregnant.  I feel less close today than I did yesterday   It's starting to feel like the whole pregnancy is just in my head, like I made it up (yes, just ignore the huge belly...
Well, looks like my little one won't be born on her due date.  I've had very crampy contractions all day, but no active labor.  Hoping things kick into gear very very soon.  Tonight would be really really good.  I so don't want DH to go back to the office tomorrow   I think I'm more desperate for his paternity leave than I am for the birth   I so didn't expect to be still pregnant the night of my due date. 
Congratulations WCM   What a story!  You did awesome.
Congratulations.  Sending love, light, and healing vibes to you and your sweet baby Maya  
Congratulations! She's beautiful.
Congratulations! She's beautiful.
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