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Congratulations WCM! I was born in '80. I don't consider myself old at all. I had my kids at 26, 29, and now 32. I'm hoping we'll have another when I'm around 35. I find most parents I meet around here with kids of similar ages to mine are older than me. When DD1 was born I was often called a "young mom". Today is my due date. I woke up early and super crampy, did a bunch of housework when I'm usually sleeping (much to DH's amusement as he's the one who usually gets up...
I'm 39+6 today, since DD1 was born at 38+0 and DD2 at 40+1, I expect to have a baby by the end of the week at the latest, and honestly expected one earlier.  Friday night around 3am I was up for several hours completely confident that was going to be IT, watching the clock hoping DH would get another hour or two of sleep.  I clearly remember what a zombie he was for days taking care of me, DD1, and newborn DD2 after DD2's night time labor with a 5am birth.  He just...
  Yep, the doula says she usually does mixed berries which totally hides the color and also hides the flavor.  She says she did it with her last baby and couldn't taste it at all.  I'm thinking small frozen pieces won't seem too gross to handle for DH or me either.  It'll just mean we have to make my smoothie separate (usually we do a big batch for the whole family each morning).
I'm sorry you're in such a rough position.
I'm having mine encapsulated.  I think I'll do a week of smoothies too, but I'm still undecided.  The doula who will be doing the encapsulation would prep 7 numbered "ice cube size" pieces getting gradually smaller to go in smoothies each day for the first week.  As I drink berry smoothies every morning, I'm guessing I could really do that without too much of a squeamish factor.
Congratulations   What a neat story.
Congratulations   He's beautiful.
He's just beautiful   I'm not postpartum yet, but I wanted to mention that I started taking fish oil when DD2 was about 5 months old.  I was struggling with PPD.  It made a pretty big difference for me.  I still take it daily, and I plan to up my dose in the early weeks postpartum.
Awesome story.  Thank you for taking the time to share it.  Congratulations
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