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I am a single mom with four little ones living in a small town located about 25 minutes from the city. The population of our town year round is around 3000 people, more in the summer as we have quite a few tourists. The thing is, in order for us to be able to afford living here I need to come up with a business idea that keeps us in the community. What type of business do you think every small town needs? We have a grocery store, hardware store, post office, convience...
Wow, some of you are living in tiny houses!! I was thinking ideally under 600 sq ft, the smaller the better. How to you manage in under 300sq ft? Do any of you have any pictures of your under 600 sq ft homes to share? Cheers, Lyn
We are presently living in a huge (2600 sq ft) house and I long for a tiny house. I love the Tumbleweed houses, but they would be too small for myself and four children. I just need to see other families living in small spaces, and how they make it work. How tiny is your home? Cheers, Lyn
I am a single mom with four children. I was in a hetro marriage but have since come out to close friends and family. I live in a small town about 20 mins from the city and do not know many lesbians here, let alone lesbians with children. I would love to "meet" some people on MDC who are like minded. Obviously if you are here you are interested in natural living, attachment parenting etc... Cheers, MoonMama78
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