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We exclusively breastfed and we co-sleep. Babes started some solids (self-feeding) around 9 mos and at 16 mos are still breastfeeding through the night. My cycle returned exactly at 1 year and has been like clockwork since.
Our 16 mos old twins have always slept with us. DH, the babes and I share a queen plus a twin mattress shoved together on the floor. I'm in no rush to move them into their own beds. I feel like a big ol' mama bear snuggling my cubs--nothing is sweeter than two sleeping babes.
First our fish spawned. Then two litters of kittens were followed by a litter of 11 puppies. Then we got pregnant (natural conception) and it was twins. Our friends call our home "fertility house." DH is afraid of unprotected sex!
I have no advice, but mama I'm with you!
I'm in Miami, but friends say the Boca children's museum has great classes. Good luck!
Welcome back to FL. I've been in Miami 10 years. We've got 16 mos old boy/girl twins. There are some like-minded families around, but you do have to look for them. If you head down Miami way look us up. Tori
Quote: Originally Posted by pelirroja When dd was younger (she's 1 now), dh would dance with her in his arms. After she fell asleep, he'd lay down in bed with her sleeping on his chest. I think this was the single best thing for their bonding. He also took her out for frequent walks, especially in the evening. He wore her in the sling when she was 0 to 5 months, and then in the bjorn after that. She was very much a mama's girl at around 4 months and would...
I've got 13 mos twins in CDs, though sometimes when we're out all day and especially if DH is with us, we use disposables. We own a standard diaper bag, but it's too big to carry when I'm wearing twins and doesn't fit in the cargo area of our stroller so it goes unused. I have a small 8x10x3 in. that holds: travel pack of wipes (I refill this even though it wasn't intended to be) 4 sposies or 4 prefolds and 2 spare covers small wetbag for dirties tube of Weleda...
Yeah for the LLL parade entry! We had a nurse-in at the mall back when my LOs were tiny babes. About 50 mamas showed and all the babes and toddlers latched on at the same time. It was fun. At the time the weather was typical south FL summer---hot, hot, humid and every day fraught with thunder and lightening. The babes and I got caught in too many downpours complete with lightening so we started 'hiking' the mall. The nurse-in was at one of our familiar spots. I also used...
Both of our twins learned to crawl on hardwood and tile floors. DS started commando style at 4.5 mos and then switched to hands/knees. At 5.5 mos DD started with hands/knees. Except that they always had dirty hands/knees and feet (we also have 5 dogs) they had no problems whatsoever.
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