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I'm so sorry to hear your news. I'm sending healing thoughts your way.
To Allyrae, hang in there. My midwife said the range of 'average' for these numbers really varies from person to person as well as from pregnancy to pregnancy. I feel for you and know how tough it is waiting to make sure things are okay. Try to stay positive and know you've got support here. Tori
Thanks to those of you who responded to my question about being in the clear. Funny, I know the medical info but think I just needed someone to listen. I met with our midwife this past week. She ordered progesterone, HcG and CBC tests. She said my CBC was perfect (yeah!) and the others looked good though she was surprised to see progesterone in the 30s (apparently high for first trimester). We'll know the results of the second test (48 hours later) early this week. Is...
I have a favorite high-protein snack that especially good when you're busy or at work. 1/2 glass kefir (probiotic yoghurt drink high in protein and good against yeast) 1/2 glass any juice you like mix well and toast to a healthy happy baby & you. Tori
Do what feels right to you deep down. I like the idea of waiting until your child arrives and then seeing how the name fits. There are all sorts of names out there that have crossed gender and others that were never first names before. The people who wear them make give the names their character. Maybe the world would be a better place if men could be named Grace. (sorry for the rhyme) Tori
I'm torn about the waiting. The first time Ray was so excited that although I thought we should wait, he couldn't resist telling everyone. It seemed as though in a week everyone knew. Then I had the miscarriage about a week after the semester ends at the university where I teach. It was weird to return this fall to so many people who hadn't heard and were curious about why I wasn't showing yet. So this time Ray insisted on waiting and he said he feels like holding back...
Yes, I've felt them too--on and off ever since O. For awhile I was sure AF was coming even though I never had pre-AF cramps before the first time I got pregnant. After the miscarriage every little twinge worries me I bit. I'm trying to stay relaxed and positive. Nice thing is I'm also nauseous on and off. Never thought I'd be thrilled to feel like throwing up. Tori
Jillian & Tuscany, I'm with you for the 4th of June as well, though this is my first and so who knows when baby will come. I'm also in FL--southeast though. Nice to meet you. Tori
Hello. Ray and I are expecting #1 in early June. I'll be 42 then; Ray 45. We had a miscarriage at 10 wks last May and are hoping this one will hang on. We've also decided to wait before announcing this time, so it's especially nice to have some company. peace, Tori
This morning's gift was a BFP during the 4th month of ttc after a miscarriage at 10 wks in May. This one will be our first and we're planning to do it at home with our fab midwife. Due date based on ovulation is June 4, 2007.
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