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I love turbo jams! It is very fun and just challenging enough. My abs feel tighter.
My son (6yo) is Autistic. His little sister (4) has watched a lot of movies so I could deal with Spencer. SHE is not Autistic. lol I agree with the trigger theory. Pit, epidurals. Vaxes too. Um, not TV watching. lol Good stuff. Heck yes I stuck him in front of the TV as a toddler. That was the only thing that would make him stop screaming and stimming and tearing the house down. I guess that means i don't love him and I made him Autistic. Bummer. If only...
That is what I was going to try. I want to keep fruit in my diet. I make ww bread and it makes me feel SO BLOATED. Its so sad really. I have a brand new Bosch and my yummy bread makes me feel like death. I think eating wheat is a habit more than anything. I think I will try it. Bread is easy to do without. I eat a lot of ww tortillas. Oatmeal doesn't make me feel great either. I will eat a big bowl and still be hungry right away. That seems strange to me. Oh my...
No one? Are we all carrying around that last 10? lol
...will not come off. Any suggestions from those of you who are at your target weight? I like to excercise. I eat pretty healthy as far as not eating many proccessed foods goes. Dark chocolate is a problem. I love the stuff. I have been reading TF stuff (NT and Full Moon Feast) and low carb, which is a whole new way of thinking for me. I like it and it makes sense. Could I be healthy eating meats, veggies, fruits, fats, and a teeny bit of cheese, just for...
Hey thanks. Some good ideas that I hadn't thought of.
I have 2 handsome buck's, 3 beautiful does and a sweet little wether. They are F3 and F4 Mini Nubians. How would I go about selling them? I live in a small rural area where people buy goats or aquire them just to stake them out as weed eaters. These are pedigreed and registered. I really don't want to sell them to be disposable. We love them very much and consider them our pets. Finances are such that we really don't have a choice in getting rid of them. : Any...
Could you be overdoing it? Are you very tired and worn down? That is when the mastitis beast always hit me. Is there anyway you can get some rest? Good luck to you. Mastitis is the worst!
Thanks. I appreciate your responses. I tend to get to obsessive with things like diet. I drive myself crazy! I agree with the factory-farmed meat thing. We live on 2 acres and raise chickens for eggs and mini goats for milk. I hope to be to the point where I am making my own cheese and growing my own produce. I guess that all sounds very traditional foods-ish. I am working on being able to slaughter our own meat as well. Thanks again
Please see my thread of confusion. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=653647 Thanks G
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