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I feel like I am in a rut. I have been mostly veg for about 5 years. In that time I have played with raw and vegan. When I read about veg/raw/vegan it all makes sense. BUT I have recently started Body for Life. I did it to help my DH get healthy and lose weight. I am concerned with all the animal products I am consuming but I feel better! I can run farther and faster and I am building muscle like I never have. Am I giving myself cancer and who knows what else...
I know there is a spelt soup recipe in Vegan Planet that looked really good. I don't have it. Good thing I am so helpful! Good luck.
Sounds like everyone is doing great! I seem to be stuck on week two. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but when I run those measly 90 sec I think I am going to DIE. I am in pretty good shape (I thought) I am not overwieght at all. I am so frustrated and I am not sure what to do. ANy suggestions? TIA G
I'm doin' it! I started week two today. I had a few repeats of week one. It is amazing how fast my stamina is building. I am feeling stronger already! Keep running! G
What about the "sexy mamas" thread? Was it @ and / ? About shaving your Dainty bits? That one inspired some change. lol The car parking was a good one. The Keep Out thread got so out of control and funny as well. Which was the MAK thread? Too many to name I guess.
I'm in. Here I go! Day 1. G
I did it with all three of mine. It really takes the edge off. FYI it also does wonders when you have the flu. Happy pregnancy!
Quote: Originally Posted by MotherWhimsey my mom has a doberman who eats all kinds of crazy things. she once pooped an entire summersausage, still in mint condition, in it's plastic wrapper. Not one tooth hole in the whole thing. She's a wierd dog. Ouch.
Ok, I'm back. I guess that was just my very grouchy way of saying... Mamas PLEASE take care of yourselves! What is the analogy about when the airplane is about to crash you need to put your own mask on first, or you won't be capable to put the masks on your sweet little angels? I am not saying you have to be a selfish beast, because we know those moms too (you know, the ones on THE OTHER SITE!!) lol not really. It took me a few years of burnt out mothering on my part...
Happy mama = happy kids. At least this is the way it is around here. My children are not going to be damaged or need therapy if I leave them with another adult who loves them while I go get a haircut or take a yoga class. When I was a kid it was a treat to have a sitter or go play at a friends. I am not directing this at anyone in particular but why does it seem like to earn your AP badge you also have to earn the Martyr Mommy badge? I am all for being attached but...
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