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I am having the best time at that Make your own cosmetics site! I can't wait to try my hand at some of that stuff! Thanks again Spastica!
Thanks! If the shelf life is that long, then mine is ok.
WOW! I am so impressed. That looks like some good reading. Thank you for all of that. I totally understand that whole inner-nerd thing! How did you come to be called G-dawg? My first name starts with G and thats what Dh's best friend calls me. I guess it just evolved from there... I can't wait to read all those links! G
Sounds like you know a lot. Where do you get your info? Like which of those things is good for oily, or combo skin? I gues I need some direction! I don't want to go crazy in the kitchen putting stuff on my face. lol
That is a really good thread! That thread is actually what helped motivate me. Great minds think alike I guess!
I am ready to finish up my evil Mary Kay and change to using natural skin care and make-up. My main problem with my skin is SHINE. I don't need a ton of coverage. I do have some redness and dark circles. Do any of you have my skin type and use natural goodies? Spam away! TIA! G
How should it smell? How long is it good for? What if it is bad and I eat in anyway? Thanks G
Don't worry. With my third I didn't have any symptoms until 10 weeks or so. I never had breast tenderness either. I haven't had an augmentation, so I can't help you there! You must just be lucky. Enjoy your pregnancy! G
There must be something in the air! I broke my toe last night and my sister broke hers last week. You have my sympathies! Are your really supposed to stay off of it?! How is that even possible? Mine is only my pinky toe. Does that make a difference? I hope your toe heals quickly! G
Funny you should ask... I am sitting here right now with a bag of frozen corn on my foot. I stubbed my toe so dang hard last night! I am reasonably sure my pinky toe is broken. It is black and blue. I cried because I felt so STUPID. It really hurts and is actually kind of poking away from my other toes. It is pointing a little to the left instead of straight up. Not good. I feel better having read the other posts! I am in good company.
New Posts  All Forums: