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DD (3) got a new pack of crayons, a Pez dispenser, a dollar-bin holiday themed puzzle, hair clips, an ornament and an orange.   St. Nicholas also brought a pair of warm pajamas and slippers, although he had her size wrong on the slippers and they had to go back to the Target at the North Pole.
In our area, Macy's, Gap and Gymboree can all be very cheap with sale + coupons. I have gotten new clothing items for 99 cents.  I usually buy end of season clothes one or two sizes up.   Thrift stores in our area stink and most don't even carry children's clothing.
No, but I rarely go because our Costco is such a zoo.  I might be better about making a list if I had time to walk around in a leisurely fashion and see what they have (and compare prices), but I often just want to get out of the fray as quickly as possible.   Usually we only go when we are having a party and need large volumes of food.  The only items I regularly buy for our family are the take and bake pizza ($10) and rotisserie chicken ($5 and better than Whole...
Routine helps with DD (2.5), as do frequent updates on what comes next.  Like "First we will eat our breakfast, and then we'll get dressed, and then we'll go in the car," repeated several times during the course of the morning.  If I keep emphasizing the order of business, she is much more agreeable to following instructions.   I agree that 2.5 seems a little young to be expected to follow instructions in an organized activity.    
IKEA Molger stool.  It was the only one we could find that was tall enough for DD to reach the taps.   The down side is that the space is tight, so we can't just leave it in place, but the stool is too heavy for DD to move over to the sink herself.   We also keep the soap out of reach, because DD has been known to hide in the bathroom covering herself in soap suds when DH thought she was asleep.
We have "Mommy, are you putting rollers in your hair?"  "Mommy, are you eating your waffle?"  "Mommy, are you drawing your name?"  "Mommy, are you going to put your shoes on?"  Et cetera.   I figure she's just making conversation, but yeah, it is totally exhausting.    
DD won't poop on the potty either.   Part of the problem is that she doesn't give any indication when she might need to poop.  I can't catch her and neither can her daycare teacher -- she says the other kids have about a ten minute wind-up to the big event.  And there's no consistent time of day, either.   Someone told me that they asked their kid if their tummy felt funny, to help them make the connection between that and the need to poop.  So far that hasn't...
    We tried telling DD the princesses were sad because she pooped on them, and she said, "No, they're not, they're smiling!"  And I didn't know what to say, because it was true.  I think there is a market for a new kind of fabric for children's underwear, on which the characters' little smiles turn to frowny faces when exposed to bodily fluids.   Poor peanut-allergic girl.  Hope she feels better soon!
Hahaha, I know!  And I think that just makes it *more* frustrating, because I worry that she's learning that accidents are funny and so she should have as many of them as possible.
  DD (2.5) seems to understand potty training from a logical standpoint.  If you ask her, "What do you do when you need to pee or poop?" she says, "Tell Mommy or Daddy, and run to the potty!"  When I put underwear on her, she says, "I'd better keep this clean and dry."  "Where does poop belong?"  "Not in my underwear, in the potty!"   She will pee in the potty (no poop yet) if I take the initiative to make her go.  And she gets a big, proud grin on her face...
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