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Wow, so nice to see so many updates, and especially so many surprise babies! N is 11 months old now, starting to sleep through the night sometimes, and so close to walking. I also just had my first real AF since he was born. We are not really actively TTC but I would love it if I ended up with a surprise too!
Aww, he's so precious, Monkey. I'm glad things are improving. kparker - Yikes, glad you're both fine. N is 6 months now, and wobbly sitting.
Congratulations Monkey!! Can't wait to hear more.
Tear, that's awesome that you got to see the heartbeat and confirm everything is going well. Hi, Jane. *chirp chirp tweet tweet*
Kinza, I'm so so sorry you're having such a difficult time and facing the possible loss of your uterus.
Congratulations Tear! I am so happy for you! Sticky sticky sticky!!!
YAY! Congratulations Kinza and LTB and CACG! Welcome four new little ones! N is 4.5 months and rolled from back to tummy this morning, he can't do tummy to back yet.
Emaya, did you get sick too? DH, N, and I all got a cold when he was about 3 weeks. That was the hardest time I've had so far, caring for a baby while being sick myself. Can't imagine doing it with three.Interesting. Not true for me though. I was born with black hair, it fell out and grew back in nearly white, which gradually darkened throughout childhood to the dark blonde I have now. N was born with dark blonde hair nearly the same colour as mine is now. He has...
I'm sorry you feel so powerless, LTB. Do you at least feel comfortable with your doctor or midwife? I found that to be a lot more important than the hospital itself. Ok, I promised I'd come back with a pic.
So glad to see your happy update, Emaya! N is about 2.5 months now. He's smiling a lot, and he'll press his feet on the floor now if I hold him in a standing position. A couple of weeks ago he found his hands, and now loves to enthusiastically eat them. I'll have to come back later with a picture, as I have been lazy about taking them recently.
New Posts  All Forums: