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There's some info about this over at gentlebirth.org/archives. Good luck!
I read on someone's blog about doing a clorox "splash"... Anyone ever heard of this? She said it was recommended by a midwife (can not remember the name right now) to use 2 capfuls of clorox with 2 quarts of water and splash it on the "area" everyday  while showering and such. Curious what others thought. Wouldn't this kill good bacteria, also??   As far as probiotics go, I was looking at the Tummy Tuneup from Beeyoutiful.com. Has anyone used these?
I measured 10cms, or more at times, ahead during my last pregnancy. After having an u/s (which I didn't really want) to find out if it was twins and seeing only one baby, I decided not to have fundal height measured anymore. I had my DD about 39w4d, she was 8#1oz.   I am measuring ahead this pregnancy as well... Not sure why I keep doing that to myself! LOL! Although, it is always better to be prepared for an early arrival!   Good luck!
I'm glad this topic was started... I felt quite alone in my view of water birth! I tried it with my 3rd UC. We had moved to a house that had a jacuzzi tub and I thought, what the heck I'll give it a try! After all, everyone I talked to said how great it was. Well, that was not my experience! I greatly disliked the counter pressure. It just did not feel right. I also, like other posters, felt like I wasn't secure or "grounded". I like to sorta squat/lean over a bit during...
Ditto to the above. Also, Dr. David Harnisch is good at UNMC. In fact he and his wife stopped vaxing their own children I believe!
Well, I suppose there's a couple different options! Depending on how natural you want to go.... No IV's, continuous monitoring??? Or just a natural vaginal birth with no medication? Midwife, Doctor, or OB?
We have had a hard time deciding on whether or not to be a part of any "groups". It's tough because I think it can get to the point where its just the same as the socialization they get from going to public schools. We're not into sports either. Or TV for that matter (my DH does watch at night when the children go to bed, but the children don't... Unless it's watching Bob Ross paint). I like to call myself a "Conservative Hippie" :lol. We are Christian, but also very...
Hi! I just sent you a pm... We homeschool, although we do not belong to any groups. Are you talking about the Kearney groups?
Ok, I know I'm strange and weird BUT can you get a true positive pregnancy test using breastmilk?? Does using breastmilk give you a false positive? If so, why? And please feel free to leak on those sticks for the fun of it! I would love to hear whose boobies are preggo and whose aren't!
Ok, so I've read thru the flea posts and I've got a couple of questions... Background: George is a Wheaten boy of 15mos. We planned on moving to a new house 3hrs away, however when we got there we discovered mold. The previous owners (I hear) had a dog they let run all over the neighborhood. We stayed in a hotel for 2 weeks while waiting for the NEXT new house to be "mostly" finished so we could move in. In the meantime, our cat had to stay at the old house since we...
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