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I slacked off on posting my list last year, but I did reach my 2011 goal sometime this fall. 
Yes, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are considered Primal and are highly recommened b/c of their high antioxidant levels - just make sure to eat them in moderation.  Cherries, strawberries, apples, bananas are also fine in moderation.  Really - all fruit is considered Primal - you just shouldn't eat ridiculous amounts.  2 or 3 servings of fruit a day is perfectly acceptable as long as you still keep your carbs under 150 gms/day (less if you want to lose weight).
Not much for curtains here - they seem kind of silly to me..  Why have something like that unless it is functional.  We have blinds on most of our windows, and only the living room has *curtains* - purely decorative, but they were here when we moved in and I've never felt the need to replace them.  We are talking about getting rid of the blinds in the kids rooms and buyng dark curtains instead, but won't put in some just for looks.  I would probably skip blinds even if...
I'm too much of a minimalist to have a night stand.  My glasses go on the window sill at bed time and my water bottle sits on the floor.
28 collector spoons old eye glasses clothespin rocking chair teddy bear flag clippers 2 fans blanket baby powder 3 mini cups and saucers box of sewing needles shawl pin 3 buckles 2 book marks broken figurine clay foot print 3 necklace charms 2 boxes wooden owl old tin box wooden box stack of old letters pencil light switch plate 2 pins doll metal box ration token stickers roll of tulle 67 + 1687 = 1754/2011
2 bags fabric sraps bag of craft supplies 7 report folders sling 9 patterns 2 photo albums expired epi pen 2 bras 3 pair underwear 2 mini box crayons 3 purses ricew bag 22 road maps stack hangers pair shoelaces 3 expired driver's licences expired library card razoer brush 3 photo albums caerole dish shoe rack 2 lamps huge stack of photographs stck of recycling razoer electirc shaver clippers lint brush stack of...
((HUGS)) to all the mamas dealing with nursing pain.  My first was born in 2006 and we had serious issues from the beginning - bad latch, poor suck and after a few days excruciating pain for me every time DD latched on.  I was eventually diagnosed with Raynauds and started medication which helped the pain to some degree.  THings started getting better around 4 months but the pain never went away entirely.  It was tough and definitely caused bonding issues.  I stuck it...
Ugh.  My oldest has a cold sore and it looks like my 2 year old may have one as well.  I have never had one so have no immunity.  Is it ok to continue to nurse if he does or am I at risk of contracting the virus myself if I do so?  Weaning has been slowly happening and he's down to nap time, bed time and first thing in the morning. 
7 bundles tulle 3 rolls tulle 9 cases beer bottles easter egg decorating cups 2 bags sunscreen (rancid) 23  + 1567= 1590/2011
5 hangers lamb hook rashguard bracelet charm 3 pair holey tights pizza cutter basting brush 2 mini spatulas 2 mini whisks 2 measuring spoons canister bunny hug casserole dish mini crock pot 13 glasses 7 VHS tapes 2 lotion bottles expired toothpaste bottle of mousse make up brushes hair brush bath sponge bag of tampons 8 wipes book book mark 10 skeins yarn   72 + 1495 = 1567/2011
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