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I dream of living a true minimalist lifestyle.  It's hard with a family, and people seem to be constantly giving us stuff.  I am really going to give it a consious effort this year to not bring anymore stuff into the house, and to get rid of a lot of the *stuff* that I have been hanging onto for sentimental reasons.  I was thinking last night about what I would truly miss and what I would replace if our house burnt down.  I would really mourne losing the kids baby books,...
LOL! DD likes to eat butter too. I don't think I could let her eat a whole stick though at $8.00 a pound!!!!
I just got a new cast iron pan that is not pre-seasoned. What's the best thing to use? The insert with the pan said NOT to use olive oil. I've got coconut oil in the house - would that work?
I got a wood cutting board for Christmas and the label says to oil with mineral oil - I'm leary about using MO - is there a food grade oil I could use that won't go rancid?
My FIL is making DD a wooden kitchen for Christmas, and I'd like a non-toxic alternative for finishing it. Does anyone have any tips?
Thanks so much for the coupon code! I just placed my order - so excited!
Darn - I'd love that code. Guess I don't have enough posts though
Does anyone know what kind of plastic Nuby, Heinz and Playtex sippy's are mad of? None of them have a number on the bottom. I've switched to Rubbermaid straw cups which are #5 until I can get DD a Klean Kanteen. However, I've got friends that likely won't make the switch, but want to know if their sippy's contain BPA - does any know?
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