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Have you read Zero Waste Home?  http://zerowastehome.blogspot.com/   I find it very inspiring for simplifying my life even if I am not as zero waste as she is.  I LOVED her meal planning post - it had some wonderful suggestions. 
pair of longies - sold t-shirt torn sheet yet another broken fairy wand 3 wheel nuts 3 random beads broken pen pair of socks lego piece paper doll dres coaster 15 + 553 = 568/2011
I said other.  Our master bathroom doesn't have a garbage can - doesn't need one.  The main upstairs garbage is under the sink b/c the potty DS uses is in the only spot the garbage will fit - I don;t think anyone knows it is there as it is never used.  The basement bathroom has a can that sits out (this is the bathroom that most guests use)
bib book fridge magnet toy 3 plastic purses cd bag 3 skeins yarn - sold!   11 + 542 = 553/2011
I've been holding onto them because ...  Yeah, those will be going in the recycle bin asap!
4 pacifiers 2 pair BabyLegs 6+ 536 = 542
2 broken fairy wands 6 pair socks 1 sweater 3 t-shirts 3 pair jeans 15 + 521 = 536/2011
Love it!  That is exactly what I am trying to do.  I *love* the rule of keep 25 toys for each kid - I think I'll reduce that number, but I love the idea of saying the can have a set number each!
2 badges 2 pair sandals 2 library books 3 pair scissors 4 pencils 1 eraser 2 boxes crayons 2 glue sticks 18 + 503 = 521/2011
I had held onto all of DD's old close anticipating another girl.  Then DS was born.  I was so sad to let go of all of her sweet clothes.  It was a long process, but here's what I did.  First I went through everything and got rid of the stuff that I didn't like that much or that wasworn/stained, but held onto the rest for a bit.  Then I went through again and pulled out the stuff I absolutely loved and couldn't get rid of - then passed the rest along to a friend that had...
New Posts  All Forums: