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passed along: 6 pairs girls undies jumper   Christmas card finally delivered to recipient Christmas ornament   9+ 494 = 503/2011
Today`s to-do`s put away clean dishes wash last nights dishes wash-dry-put away diapers vacuum bake cupcakes bake cake make icing decorate cupcakes clean main bathroom bath for kids pick up all rooms   ok - time to go! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ok - turns out I`m not good at making a list of what needs to be done - there is far more to do than I`ve...
sold: pair of longies t-shirt pair of shorties 3 + 491= 494/2011
Really?  I've donated/garage saled a number of small appliances that were gifted to me that we never used.  The sat in my cupboard for years collecting dust before I realized that I didn't need them.  I know lots of people that get small appliances as wedding gifts and never end up using them.
I just have the yarn I'm willing to part with stashed under the trade/sell tab on Ravelry.  I've had a surprising number of inquiries that way (these three were my first sale though as shipping prices here are INSANE) and I'm not ready to just give yarn away...  I also sold some locally just by listing on a local moms board.  My yarn stash got WAY out of hand last year and I've got so much now and so very little motivation to knit.  All that yarn (and the money tied up in...
If you are really set on replacing them, then why not look for second hand? Otherwise, I'm the type that will keep using something until it breaks.  I just feel wasteful replacing something that still functions.
3 skeins yarn - sold   3+488=491/2011
2 suitcases 1 shirt 1 holey sock 1 game 5 + 483 = 488
I got rid of most of the puzzles b/c I couldn't stand the pieces everywhere.
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