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I was pretty attached to a lot of *stuff*.  When I finally realized how much it was weighing my life down I sat down and really thought about it all.  When I'm decluttering now I ask myself *if the house burned down tomorrow would I mourne for this item?*  The answer is almost always no, and that makes it so much easier to toss stuff.
I wouldn't use one.  I've had luck with hanging most things, but put a hook in DD's closet to hold a fairly heavy wooden board game that she has.  The hook lasted a few months before giving way - tried again with a new adhesive strip and the same thing happened.  I wouldn't risk it to hold something made of glass.
oops - double post
pair of shoes 1 + 482 = 483/2011
doll doll sled 3 skeins of yarn sold 6 wine bottles bag of cans sweater stone 13 + 469 = 482/2011
18 sets of negatives 3 film cases 21 + 448 =469/2011
 This is mostly what I've been doing.  Some of the bigger kids stuff (toys, baby stuff) is getting listed and if it doesn't sell by the time the donation box goes in then it is put in the box.  The only thing I do want to recoup costs for is my ridiculously large yarn collection.  I'm listing it for cost and if it sells- great, if not I just can't bring myself to give it away or for a cheaper price.  That might come later...
39 collector spoons dress 40 + 408 = 448/2011
another stack of photos another stack of paper another photo album   Why did I take so many pictures of stuff that wasn't really that meaningful?  There were less than a dozen photos worth keeping out of close to 400 - pre-digital days!  Ackkk!   3 + 405 = 408/2011
stack of pictures - tossed stack of paper- recycled photo album - donated   3 + 402 = 405/2011
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