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Thanks MomtoDandJ for the great worksheet website!  It's awesome!
She is going to her first class today!  My DH and I have been working with her and she can read some BOB books, but she still mixes up her lowercase d, b and p's.  We'll give the program a shot and see how it goes.  But, we will still work with her at home and read with her.  She loves the poems in the Children's Treasury of Poetry! 
Thank you!! for all your positive remarks about this!  I do feel better that she may gain some confidence with this small group which might help her timidness.  I do have to say, she is sociable at home and with neighbors/close friends.  I would have never realized this if it weren't for her PreK teachers saying this about her last year.    I have signed the permission form for her and she will be going twice a week after her AM class. I did write on the form that I...
My DD (July birthday) is 5 and in a half day (AM) public K.  She enjoys it and has made some friends.  Her teacher called last week and said she scored slightly below the benchmark for knowing the uppercase and lowercase letters.  She is now being referred to a half day intervention program 2 days a week with 7 other in-need K students.    So, I've been going over alphabet flashcards with her among other things and she only seems to have a problem with lowercase b,p...
My DD's learned with the help of a cotton ball on the table. I had them try to blow the cotton ball across the table by exhaling through their noses. They got the concept that the harder you blow, the further it goes (or gets it all out!)
This is exactly how my DD (4.5) is. Wild, whiny and out of control at home, but well behaved in preschool. Doesn't share toys at home but freely shares them in school. Why can't I have that behavior at home? Just once? It seems all I ever do is yell like a maniac after trying all day to be patient. We all have meltdowns here. My oldest is 16. Such a nice age compared!! I don't know how mothers of yore did it and kept sane at the same time. I just know that this...
OK..I'm usually (always) a lurker and I just came across this post...Papooses, could you send me the 8 Kindergarten files also? I am pming you. I do appreciate it if you could, my DD is in a love to learn mode, so the more I work with her now, the better! Thanks!
New Posts  All Forums: