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I looked all over for non-toxic car seats but had no luck.  I ended up buying pillowcases that are used to cover a pillow to protect you from allergens.  I then sent it to a company that makes custom made car seat covers.  There are several companies out there who do this mostly for people who want cute car seat covers.  The ones I had made were not cute but, I feel as though they keep my dd out of direct contact with the toxins that are in her existing car seat cover....
Does anyone know if there are off gasses from the coils inside a crib mattress?  Any suggestions for the healthiest / cleanest crib mattress? Thank you!  
Does anyone have any tips on how to treat colic? There's a lot of crying going on here and it's just heartbreaking. Thanks!
I SO feel your pain. In addition to a never-ending case of thrush, I had a serious bout of mastitis last week. It was the worst. I know you said you're not looking for answers but I'll just throw this out there with hope that it might help. I did two things that really helped: Use a mini-massager (you can also use a vibrator) on the clogged duct(s) that were causing the mastitis. It really hurts but it does break it up. Put miso paste on the breast and let it sit...
I hope this is the right place to post this. If not, please let me know. One week ago I had a very unexpected c-section. I can barely look at the emotional scars right now but I am wondering if anyone has any tips or home remedies for healing the incision. Any ideas at all would be great - the OB who did it is very medically oriented and of no help (my midwife, who would have some great ideas, essentially disappeared from the whole scene). Also, any idea on how to...
Thanks for the info. Have you been able to find any info on this topic on mothering or are those of us who required a csection the outcasts??? I hope that's not the case and that it's my lack of knowledge in searching the site.
Does anyone have any tips on the best way to heal from a c-section, aside from rest? Any alternate ways to treat the incision? Thanks.
Well I am now so over due I'm left wondering if I can still be in the June DDC! hope so! For those who had a non-medicated delivery, can you tell me what you found most helpful? What got you through it? From the small stuff to the powerful ones. Thanks!
I did castor oil w/ my son. It didn't do anything - no side effects at all. I did lose the mucus plug that night but that's it. We ended up doing cervidil which also didn't do anything so then it was on to pitocin which did the trick. Of the three people I know who used castor oil, none of them found it all that bad. Two went into labor within twelve hours of using it.
Excellent! And what a great name.
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