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Just call the office she works in and ask them directly if they take your plan.  They should be able to tell you.
Have you seen this place, Kristina?http://hourkidz.com/
One of the really frustrating things about midwives (both hospital-based and home-based) and insurance is that many insurers don't list midwives as providers on their directories.  If a midwife is supervised by a physician, that person is listed.  So it makes it seem like midwives aren't covered when they very well might be.   I have tried to bill HAP HMO plans as a homebirth midwife and failed.  I don't know if any of their PPO plans would pay.  You could get a...
If you're going to quote c-section rates for comparison, just make sure you are comparing apples to apples.  The UofM CNMs serve a lot of women who would never be able to birth in the ABC, including VBACs, women with pregnancy induced hypertension and pre-eclampsia, etc.  The ABC risks out a lot of women both before and during labor who would still remain in the care of the CNMs.  I bet if you tied the ABC's c-section rate to women who started their pregnancy with them...
Kathy Kleinert was a general practitioner who attended homebirths.  She moved to Oregon last year.
I have a friend who just opened a freestanding birth center in Marquette.  So if your friend is open to an out-of-hospital birth, she would be a great choice.   My friend used to work with me in my midwifery practice.  I recommend her very strongly.  She's fantastic! Her name is Christa Bartley and her partner is Jamie Kitchel.  Christa's email is rnchrista@gmail.com.   Good luck!  
If I were planning a waterbirth and a VBAC and wanted to have a hospital birth, I would go to the UofM midwives.  The new hospital that opened yesterday has a waterbirth tub as well as 8 tubs for laboring in the water.  The head of the midwifery department is trying hard to make it more possible for women to have waterbirths there.  Previously the tubs were poorly situated and small.     They have an office in Canton, which is only about 20 minutes from the Dearborn...
I highly recommend Kate Stroud.  She works out of my midwifery office in Ypsilanti and also out of Life Force Chiropractic.  Her website is katestroud.com.  All of the pregnant mamas I have sent to her come back singing her praises.
I've attended vbamc at UofM.  I think with 2 c-sections you could see the midwives and with more you could see the OBs.  I think if you have only had two c-sections you could also see the midwives at Henry Ford West Bloomfield.  Dr. Philip Fleming at St. Joe Ann Arbor would also be a good choice.  
Lara Madigan is my cousin and she's a family physician in Traverse.  The decisions that she's made with her own kids lead me to believe that she'd be flexible on vaccines. Here's her office contact info:   http://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-lara-madigan-xjpxc/office-locations
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