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Congratulations!What a lovely birth story! I am six days overdue as I write this and so excited about my first homebirth. It was wonderful reading your experience. It sounds like Isabella had the best possible entry into this world- what a lucky baby!
What a lovely birth story. Congratulations! Welcome little Patrick!
I traveled a fair bit with my son when he was under a year. One of my favorite places was Italy. I think the whole country is nuts over babies. Waiters in restaraunts would want to hold him for me while I ate. It was like all babies are part of the community. I don't know if this is the experience every one has or not, I havn't talked to anyone else who traveled there with a baby. On top of that ,the food is EXCELENT. And the country beautiful.
When my son was eight months old he had oral thrush for almost a month. What finally worked for him was breaking open an acidophilus capsule (one that had several strains) and smearing some of the powder directly onto the affected area. I think I did it several times in a day for two days and it cleared up. I also made a paste and smeared some on my breasts because I was nursing.I don't know if this will work for you or not-worth a shot though. Good luck!
I was wondering if it could be used if you have a "tilted uterus"?
I don't have an answer for you but I wanted to let you know that our four year old son is behaving the same way. It is sooo frustrating. I've thought about changing his name to Contrary. I suspect that it has to do with him becoming more and more independent. Anyway, good luck and if you find something that works let me know!
Can you use Dr.Bronners liquid soap? How much of the finished detergent do you use for a load of laundry?Thanks so much.
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