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My 10 year old likes many of the shows mentioned. I try to find shows on http://www.commonsensemedia.org/. One that she enjoys that I haven't seen mentioned is Ocean Girl, which we get on Netflix streaming.
I'm glad to know about Bella Luna Toy's facebook page - what a great company - I'm  now a fan!
I've been a fan of mothering for a long time! :)
There is a gas buddy app, as well.   I read this article the other day - and it had some interesting things I hadn't ever heard of before, like fill-up on off days and fill-up in the morning (don't know how accurate they are): http://chicagofree.info/2011/04/13/free-ideas-to-save-on-gas-and-get-better-mileage/.
I don't have any advice, but I'm finding myself interested in a similar transition.... Interested to see what others have to say.
I threw up with my first, not with my second.
I also think it is pretty rude of her to say that - although she may not have been thinking specifically of you (we can hope). I wonder if she feels like there is something more going on, and no one is taking her concerns seriously?   You gave good advice, though! I might just send her a note saying, sorry she wasn't finding the help she needed, and you hope everything is feeling better soon.
Hmm - that's a thought. Except I do have to wrestle with her some days - I think doing that over the back of a seat would really suck. But something to consider as she gets more cooperative!   Do you think I'd be able to load the baby's bucket seat over the back of the seat? I'd like to be able to carry it in/out of the house until it warms up. (It should be significantly warmer in a month (hopefully) but today it is a whopping 0 degrees (windchill = -20) and I just...
 That's ok - say it again, Habitat. You rock!
I wonder what the best arrangement would be for my three kids in my mazda5? Baby (due in March) will be in a bucket seat for a few months until it warms up, and then ?? Dd2 is 2.5 and rear facing in a britax boulevard. Dd1 is 8 and is Ina hbb - she loves to ride in the third row because it feels like an airplane Ideally the two little ones are in the middle row, rear-facing, but then I can't see how dd1 can get to the third row w/o crawling through the hatch back...which...
New Posts  All Forums: