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-because I wasn't wearing a bra in the middle of the night.
Oh! The very best thing in our house is bath time. I just bring my laptop in the bathroom, and my kids stay busy for a very long time, usually!
Some things that have worked at our house are: playdough, a small (maybe 2' x 3' under-bed) tub filled with bird seed inside a small swimming pool, and some scoops, etc., standing at the sink (we have a learning tower) with water running (it felt wasteful, but my sister convinced me that it was probably worth the few minutes of one-on-one time I got with my homeschooled 1st grader as a result). Getting her going with playing something that she likes and then going off to...
Nothing is more frustrating to me as when I need to get stuff done after they go to bedm and then then ever go to bed. Just an idea for a kid who won't drink plain water - we love Celestial Seasonings Tangerine Orange Zinger Tea & Wild Berry Tea at our house - just throw tea bags in cold water. At bed time, I often do chamomile tea, though - which would also help if she was having a tummy ache! (For that, I do use boiling water, and then add ice cubes after steeping - in...
Quote: Originally Posted by sapphire_chan I'd think it'd depend on the age of #1 and the personalities of the two kids. Of course, I think people with higher need toddlers probably generally wait longer for #2. Ha! No kidding. We didn't have #2 until #1 was 5 (for a reason). #2 was way way way easier. Now that I'm having #3 when #2 will be only 2 years old, I'm kind of freaking out....
Do you know of any kids on summer break you could use as mother's helpers to play with your little ones while you pack? Going through everything while pregnant with two little ones sound really overwhelming to me, too.
Do you sew? I think I'd make one that was just her size. Otherwise, I'd consider a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch - size small. They're currently closed, so you'd need to find a used one (or check around - some places still have a few). I think they are a little more user friendly than a ring sling.
Hotslings is also closing. Press release.
I'm nursing my 23 mo. old, and I'm not sore at all - which surprised me!
When my 2nd was 10 days past my edd, I decided that it was the day she needed to come, and I would do all of the really gentle things I knew of to encourage her. She was born that night. I tried these the day I went into labor: -sex/orgasm/nipple stim -curb walking (walk with one foot on curb, one on road - for about a block, then reverse) -eating lots of pineapple -eating balsamic vinegar on veggies (mmmmm...nummy!!!) -EFT (to clear up emotional issues that I was...
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