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I feel your pain. I've just discovered that my 23 mo old will willingly unlatch and roll over to go to sleep when I tell her I have to go potty, and I'll be right back. It doesn't work every time - but it works way better than trying to sneak away. Who knew?? Maybe it will work for you??
Wow! What a nice guy - he was probably bfed until he was 5.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
I had a "friend" like that once. Talking to her about it didn't make a difference. She was just oblivious (and rude). I ended up just not counting on her presence, ever - and then eventually dropping the friendship. It sucks, but good grief - it takes two. Hopefully your friend is more clever!
Well, I guess that eventuality can be linked to pretty much everything. Way to be unhelpful, NP. Hope your dd is feeling better soon!
A constitutional homeopathic remedy might be of help. My daughter's (blown-out-of-proportion) fears seemed to be reduced after seeing a homeopath. (Time also passed.)
Gail Tully of Spinning Babies just wrote an article about induction: http://spinningbabies.com/techniques...et-labor-going
How exciting! Congratulations!!
Quote: Originally Posted by sap2010 She said it was like 5 or 6 within a short period of time before the stricter regulations made things better. Or it was before the regulations that got rid of cytotec for vbac inductions. Yikes.
I know LOA is the gold standard for positioning, but my second was *always* ROA. My labor was 1 1/2 from start to finish (about 45 minutes of active labor, maybe 5 of that was pushing). ROA is not a bad position to be in - it definitely worked really well for my baby and I. FWIW, I did have fairly regular chiro care during pregnancy - at least once a month, if I remember correctly.
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