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In Virginia, homeschooled children are not required to take a standardized test for kindergarten.  So, if you like you can skip it altogether.   http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?000+cod+22.1-254.1 § 22.1-254.1. Declaration of policy; requirements for home instruction of children. The requirements of subsection C shall not apply to children who are under the age of six as of September 30 of the school year.   Hope that helps.
My son has asked for a Chemistry kit for his 9th birthday.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  I imagine that I could put one together for less that the commercial kits, but he would like the looks of the kit more. Thanks.
Ooh, my kids would love this!  They're always bringing home stuff that they've collected. They'd really enjoy sharing some of their collections. We're in Virginia.
No, he wasn't invited to anything this year.  At first, when it was going to be a party at a movie theater, he was invited.  Then the plans changed; I don't know why. When my son does sleepovers at friends houses, he wears a youth diaper under his pajamas.  I wouldn't expect another parent to have to deal with any accidents. My son does sleepovers with friends every couple of months, so I do feel like this is a developmentally appropriate activity for him. Additionally, I...
My son's friend recently had a birthday party and my son was not invited.  He felt really bad about it. When I talked to the other mom, she said that it was her decision, and she felt that the other friends would be judgmental of my son.  I'm not sure if she was talking about his personality, which can be occasionally intense, and he may be on the edge of the autism spectrum.  Or perhaps she was talking about his continuing struggle to stay dry at night, since it was a...
I like Sarah Bradford at the Carilion Clinic in Christiansburg, but some of her partners are not as good: Badillo is pretty good, then Mogen & Lambert. I've heard good things about Phyllis Turk, CNM.  She works in a doctor's office in Blacksburg, Montgomery Obstetrics & Gyn.  I'm not sure how the doctors are in her practice.
I just sent out a PM to everyone who is participating.  Let me know if I did something wrong, so that I can correct it.
OK, we've got 16 kids participating.  Today will be the last day to let me know if any more kids want to join.  I'll send out the list tonight or tomorrow morning for everyone who has PMed me.
PM them to me asap and I'll make up a list in the next week or so & PM it to everybody that is participating.
Exactly.  Kids also like to include a little treat with the Valentines.  In the past we've gotten stickers, tattoos, toy money, and candy (the Hershey's kisses didn't survive the cancelling machine, unfortunately!)
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