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This was last year's thread, but it worked really well.  Everyone who said that they'd send out valentines did, and my kids got really cute stuff from all over.  So, we'd definitely like to do it again and I'll volunteer to organize.  Just PM me your kids name(s), and address.
I think that you've hit the nail on the head, there. IMO, this friend has made past decisions based on fear. 
Here's an intelligent response that was posted by someone else:   I homeschooled 3 of my 4 boys for their first 5, 3, and 2 years of school, respectively. I plan to begin kindergarten with #4 in the fall of 2013(I currently pre-k). They were amazing, well adjusted boys during that time. We didn't stay within the confines of our world, we lived. They knew and played sports with alot of the local kids so when they started public school they seamlessly moved right in. I...
Here's something a "friend" posted on facebook:     I know personally two homeschooled adults, both scarred and or barely functional in society. Please think twice, your kids are not as fragile as you think, public school has many benefits, don't be afraid to let go.   I doubt that I'll post a comment, but I'm still coming up with snarky responses in my head.
You may want to consider if your children need some deschooling time before you jump into any instruction.  Kids who are looking forward to a holiday, may not take to educational experiences, and especially workbooks.  Just food for thought.
I guess I have different ideas about socialization.  Is taking a class or organized sport with other children considered socialization?  If so, then my kids get about 8 to 12 hours a week of classes and sports, more in spring & summer.   Or is free play socialization?  Then, my kids get about 8 to 16 hours a week.   Both, then would be 16 to 30 hours a week.    Personally, I don't think that being in class together is socialization.  I don't know how many...
Hi. I just saw your post on mothering from September. My kids are 6 & 8, so they wouldn't be good for playdates, but have you tried the mommy & me type classes at the blacksburg rec center?  Lots of fun with Ms. Maria. Also, the MOMs clubs and MOPs clubs can be good for meeting other stay at home moms. Also look for yahoo groups and facebook pages for homeshoolers, if you're inclined that way.
My kids take a homeschooler's French class at our local YMCA.  They had French class for schoolers in the late afternoon, but we requested an early afternoon time slot.  It's only once a week, though, so I try to follow up with French videos and books on tape at home.
We do CC because several of my kids friends do it.  It's 2.75 hours, once a week.  But with the large group meeting that starts it off, it ends up being 2.5 hours of classroom time.  I wouldn't really call it a "school" setting, since classes are limited to 8 students and parents must be present.  If you have multiple kids enrolled, they divide them up by age, and you bounce back & forth between their classes.  Then instructors are called "tutors" instead of teachers, to...
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