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We do CC because several of my kids friends do it.  It's 2.75 hours, once a week.  But with the large group meeting that starts it off, it ends up being 2.5 hours of classroom time.  I wouldn't really call it a "school" setting, since classes are limited to 8 students and parents must be present.  If you have multiple kids enrolled, they divide them up by age, and you bounce back & forth between their classes.  Then instructors are called "tutors" instead of teachers, to...
They're 6 & 8.  I think that that's what we're lacking: a rhythm to our days.  Part of it is that I don't know if they're going to get up at 8:30 or 10 or sometime in between.  The visual schedule idea is great.  I'll try that and see how it works.  Perhaps that will help add a rhythm to our time. Thanks for the ideas. 
My kids are eclectically homeschooled. They participate in sports, music and group homeschool activities. They enjoy learning, and at home they like to do science and history and Life of Fred. I require that ds practice his piano & violin for about 4 hours per week. We also do journaling and crafts and writing as we feel like it. My difficultly lies in getting it all in, while also having enough free play time, and outside time and hiking time and field trip time. They...
Piano, French and drawing right now. Piano with my ds, drawing with dd, and French w/ dp (but it ends up being on my own, more often than not).
Yeah, that! My dd made a whole book, titled: The Dragon and The Alligator.  She drew pictures, made a cover, and a matching bookmark and told me all the dialog, but didn't write it down.  I asked if she wanted me to help, and she said "Yes, we'll do it later", that was about 3 or 4 months ago.  I brought it up a couple of times, and she still says "later".
A friend and I, both with degrees in Biology, have started a life science class for 6 through 11 year olds.  We'll mainly be using REAL Science Odyssey.  We'll be learning about classification and the 5 kingdoms, with hands on labs. One of the kids enrolled in the class has a mom who is an artist who does outreach at the local university.  She's offered to come add in some art to one of our classes.  Does anyone have specific suggestions as to how we could combine our...
For notebooks, binders, pens, craft materials, etc I'll stock up at a good sale, so that might be a couple of years worth.  But for everything else, I buy it as we need it.  I completely second what Amy said: my ideas of what's a good match and what works for us changes as we grow.
15+48=63 months
Yes, but many of those playmates may now be unavailable, or less available, as they head off to full day kindergarten.  My children only have one sibling and no local cousins, so found themselves a bit bereft of friends, except on weekends.  Since then, they've made a number of homeschooled friends through orgainized activities.
Depending on the school, kindergarten may be a better transition to public school than 1st grade.  Many 1st graders are expected to do a lot of seatwork and worksheets, whereas kindergrten may have more hands on activities and movement.  So, unless your 5 year old likes or is accustomed to that type of schooling, a relaxed kindergarten class may be more enjoyable for him.
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