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Here's the backstory: My ds, 7, used to be best friends with the boy who lives across the street. But, they seem to have had a falling out about a year or more ago. I asked my son what happened, but he doesn't know.  The boy just seemed to taper off coming over to play, and wouldn't stop his computer games or television to play with ds, and when he did he was very negative in their games, saying things like "No, you're doing it wrong" and "no, that's not what happens...
Yours actually went out today from us in VA-  missed you on the last list.
We received Washington State today: yeah!  It's the first postcard since Ohio & Arizona in October.  Thank you!  
It's not the cod liver oil, it's the butter oil.  Very nasty tasting stuff.  We tried rasberry & almond flavors, I think.  The only way ds could get it down was to mix it with ice cream.  I guess that won't work if your vegan, though. On the other hand, mixing CLO with juice, or even straight, is not a big deal for my kids.
If there's so much that he wants to do, maybe you can get him to qualify and quantify it? What exactly does he want to do/learn and how can you fit that into a general outline of a schedule.  I've told my 7 year old that I need music, reading & math from him for about 45 minutes to an hour each day.  He wants to do history, science, legos and playmobiles.  His younger sister wants to do arts & crafts.  So, together, we made a schedule about a month ago that we loosely...
We sent 2 to you before Halloween from Virginia.  You didn't receive them?  The rest go out tomorrow.  
I agree, and it would be darn hard to show a monetary profit!
I can get my kids to do boring things easily: workbooks & worksheets.  They don't enjoy them, so I try to minimize that kind of stuff, and do more science experiments, history projects and math games.  The problem is that as soon as my kids get excited about the current activity, they get completely distracted and start jumping around, acting silly with each other or horsing around, and throwing or playing with any objects  they can reach.  They're 5 & 7 and I'm asking...
With my 5 & 7 year old we were spending 15 minutes a day on math & 15-20 minutes a day on reading,  and my 7 year old does 15 minutes on piano & 15 on violin.  The rest of the day was free play, with a maximum of 30 minutes of screen time, me reading to them, which they love, and some once a week classes: music lesson, art, gymnastics.  They also do baseball and soccer.     But the kids were complaining that "school is boring".  So, I replied that we never get to the...
My kids enjoyed setting things on fire today to demonstrate the release of stored energy for lesson C-1!
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