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My kids enjoyed setting things on fire today to demonstrate the release of stored energy for lesson C-1!
PM'd you.
I've been using the standards edition, which is a little more expensive. For kindergarten,  I paid about $50 per semester including shipping for the first child, getting the textbook & workbook.  Then I get only the workbook for the second child,  reducing the cost to about $20 per semester.  Levels 1 to 5 are more affordable, at less than $40 per semester for the first, and about $15 for the second child.  I don't buy any of the extras, and usually use legos for the...
Bernard Nebel's "Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding"?
my 5 & 6 year olds will take Virginia, please. Kristina
Yes, that's a good suggestion.  I  included some of the scope & sequence that's in some of the workbooks I thought my kids might use, but really that's probably too much information.  I think that I'll go with something much shorter this year.    
Have you considered nurse sharks instead of koi?
My neighbor left her 10 yo and 7 yo home alone from about 10:30 PM to midnight.  They were asleep and did not know that she had left.  I'm freaked out by this, but don't know if I'm overreacting?  Please weigh in with your opinion. Also, she sometimes leaves them home during the day from 4 up to 9 hours while she is at work.  They have a cell phone and a land line to call her, and I'm often home with my kids.  What do you all think of that? Thanks for any input.
We're about to start History Odyssey.  You can get the first several lessons for free, online, to try it out.  It uses the Usborne World History book as one of its spines.  It also uses SOTW, but I think that it is balanced with other books.  I wasn't comfortable using SOTW as my main souce, but I think I'll be happy to use it with mix of books to give some perspective.
We had to tape the binding on ours, too!  I guess that's how you tell it's an oft used book.    
New Posts  All Forums: