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 I have SOOOOOO been there....  even if it's just an extra 1/2 hour at work to finish a quiet cup of coffee before going to the playground/pool/fingerpaint/etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by JBaxter ...5yr old feeding his then 6 month old brother a peanut butter and jelly sandwich....he replied thats why he smushed it flat... Since both the OP's & Baxter's babes are OK... How sweet & r eally funny!
This is a terrible, and confusing situation all the way around. I feel very sorry that happened to your son, and I would be hurt and angry too. But, I also feel very badly for the nephew. Of course, what he did was wrong. But I think it would be terrible if the adults that he trusts and loves most in his life just "gave up" on him and treated him like a monster because he made a mistake. I can't even imagine how that would make this 11 year old boy feel, and what...
My brother did cub scouts all the way through to become an Eagle Scout. I wholeheartedly think that scouting help make him a responsible, thoughtful, and selfless person. He's really a terrific guy. My husband also did scouting through the Life Scout (one step below Eagle), and he considers scouting to be his most cherished childhood memories. He did a lot of really neat things (especially outdoors) and was exposed to a lot more than he would have been otherwise. ...
I think it is beautiful, very sweet and a tender gesture.
So, I tested again yesterday afternoon after my workout (12 DPO) and....... it was POSITIVE!!!!!! So that's two positives! (One on 11 DPO with a Fact Plus test and one on 12 DPO with a First Response, both after my afternoon workouts.) AND my temp jumped again this morning! Yipppeeeee!!!: Good luck to everyone! I hope to see you all "on the other side"!
: Thanks for the encouragement! I'm veeerrryyy quietly trying to be positive.....I don't want to jinx myself!
CounterGOPI, could it be an implantation dip at 11DPO? I've read elsewhere that abundant CM post ovulation can be a GOOD sign...: Here's my question: I did a Fact Plus HPT yesterday morning (11 DPO) and it was negative. I did it again yesterday evening (still 11DPO..I know, crazy...) after exersizing (my urine was very concentrated), and it was POSITIVE. I did a First Response HPT this morning (12DPO), and it was negative again. : My temps did rise yesterday...
Good luck next cycle, Heather!
So, I gave in this morning at 11 DPO because my temp increased after a little dip.....BFN. : I knew I should have just waited until CD30-31. Duh.
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