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Seriously, in 10 years, people are going to be confusing the "small and chicken" pox. And in another 10 years, all the grown ups who didn't get their boosters (what grown up gets boosters, anyway, except if you go to the hospital for a deep cut and get a tetanus shot?) are going to get all manner of weird poxisms...
I was worried my 18 month old had pertussis just a couple of weeks ago...I listened to that same sound clip, too, and it was dead on. We didn't go to the doctor, as I'm in a position to just quarentine the family if need be, and did until the cough left. He's fine now...I guess it was just some form of croupe(sp?)? I was kind of hoping it was the WC, too. Whatever he had was a truely whooping cough, but it wasn't scary like I've heard the real deal is... I never looked...
Quote: Originally Posted by applejuice Frist is the . I live in Fristville. I travel to Mississippi for healthcare.
I'm in Tennessee. Do you think Billy will listen?
After much thought, I've decided the answer is "sometimes", IRL and on the internet. If there's a chance you're going to hurt someone, tead very lightly. If a thread has turned into a philosophical heart to heart type debate, there's usually a way to state your beliefs and reasons for them in a non-offensive way. IRl it's a lot easier, as body language can convey your non-confrontational attitude. If you're really open to "seeing the other side", you can accept...
Quote: Originally Posted by MommytoMJM I try hard to not read them.....they make me carzy....and then I find I adopt more pet peeves which is a bad thing. Me too! It's like getting clued in on things you never thought to be annoyed by before!
Quote: Originally Posted by raven Anybody could have said that. I think it gets very confusing if it's a long thread. But, you can also do a cut and paste into the quick reply, use the quote button on it, and add "=whoever" after the first "[QUOTE" and leave that "]" at the end... And that way you can quote mulitple people with the quick reply. Quote: Originally Posted by monkaha I agree, it does get confusing without...
Look...go edit your first post...make it say something like "What do you vaccinate for and why?" It's fun...really!
Wow...I just read that whole thread...my computer was on the fritz while that discussion was going on. Man...what a good discussion...I even read all the links to links, etc...took me almost 3 hours, but was worth it!
At "my other forum", I had a thread moved 8 times once....religion decided it was too political, politics thought it belonged in cuttent events, etc... I started getting irritated after a while, and started changing the OP to make it get moved. MwuHAHAHA!!!!
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