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For me, delaying means getting shots one at a time, in order of priority and also postponing the "riskier" ones (like the MMR) till much later. For example, Menengitis and tetanus are diseased that still happen, so I'm probably going to get my DS those by 1 and 1/2 years. The MMR is, IMO, the most dangerous, so I'll probably wait till he's 7 or 8 to do that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Howabout we organize a boycott of Hallmark protesting their sellout to the pharma establishment? Maybe we could link it with boycotts protesting their promotion of unnecessary and repulsive holidays. Just a thought. Nana LOL....I'm with you! BTW, I'm in Tennessee and got one too...
I was another one of those kids who was devastated to find out the truth about Santa. I remember feeling decieved and strangely ashamed for believing such a stupid lie. My husband and I have decided to "kind of" do Santa....He'll dress up as Santa on Christmas Eve, and as soon as our son's old enough to say "That's not Santa...that's Daddy!!!"....I'll whisper to him to not let daddy know he knows....and make a game of it... Seems like an ok compromise to us...we'll see...
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