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I'm not trying to sound crappy, just trying to be as straight forward as possible, so please don't take what I say personally. I'm not saying I agree with it, but this is the way things are. Unless your daughter has some sort of lasting, permanent injury (nerve damage from the burn, severe scarring, etc), you're probably not going to get any money for this. You would be very hard pressed to find a lawyer who would be willing to waste his/her time (if s/he's the kind...
Your numbers are normal for a non-pregnant woman, and even "more normal" for a pregnant woman. If that makes any sense. Having said that, there's no harm in increasing your dietary iron intake (as supplements can have annoying side effects like constipation and upset stomach). How far along are you? If you're still pretty early, then starting off on the "low end" of normal does put you at a slight disadvantage.
For me the fatigue is definitely decreased, but the motivation hasn't arrived yet. Hoping it does soon, because this house is in dire need of a serious cleaning.
I'm 16w4d and still not feeling the baby move/kick. I mean, there has been a slight something here and there when I reeeeaaaally concentrate, but I'm sure I'd feel something after laying there with my hands on my belly for an hour even if I weren't pregnant. This is my 2nd baby. I remember feeling my son around this time, and 2nd babies are supposed to be earlier, right? Even my MW was surprised when I told her I hadn't felt anything. She picked up a strong hb on...
I was reluctant to tell most of my family, not because of their need to tell anyone, but because of their negativity. I just told them a week or so ago, and I was right....negative negative negative. Either way, I can relate to the suckiness of not having a supportive family.
Chinese food and lemonade. And pickles.
Good luck, mama. Keep us posted.
So sorry to hear that, mama. Best wishes for a speedy recovery (physical and emotional).
Quote: Originally Posted by basmom My favorite! I could literally drink the dipping sauce they give you - talk about greasy-salty heaven! I'm only half kidding when I tell people that I could do shots of that stuff. Line em up!
Sorry mama. PM me if you ever want to talk about it. I had a blighted ovum at 10+ weeks. Best wishes for your healing--physical and emotional.
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