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Kettle chips. Sooo much crunchier and more flavorful. Regular lays and such just don't cut it anymore. Seriously--why bother?? Adult Education Classes at the local high school. Where else can you get an 8 week yoga course for $35? The Tummy Sleeve. Man I wish they had those when I was pregnant with ds. Woulda been so much cooler to wear my "normal" pants. (tummy sleeve is like a nylon/spandex tube that goes around your pregnant belly and holds your...
OMG--we have tons, TONS of HSV+ mamas deliver vaginally where I work! I've also had one doula client who was positive. I personally have probably 3-4 patients per month who deliver (or plan to, but don;t for another reason) vaginally. Yes, Valtrex is generally given to prevent outbreaks. When she should start should be discussed with her practitioner. I've seen some docs start it at the 1st prenatal and have mom continue post partum. Some start as late as 8 or 6...
Wait...what?? ....so this "person" (a term I'm using very loosely here) violated your trust, opened the potential to hurt your children, and aided in the harming and exploitation of other innocent children, and...you have the potential to feel bad that you asked that he never contact you again? I'm being honest when I say that I don't understand the conflict. I read your post numerous times, but I really am at a loss. You would have been well within your rights...
Do you have any doulas nearby? If so, she may be able to come to your house and do a "class" om comfort measures--positioning, aromatherapy, pressure points, etc. The hospital class I took was a joke. Not a funny one, either. The only thing I got out of it was free apple juice (heh).
The two main (only?) ways to prevent them are to take breaks where you're off your feet/legs throughout the day and to wear the suppport hose. Good luck!
Just requested....I think i'm Kae Rn or something (deleted my "real" fb acc't months ago).
Nope. I'll often stand and be silent out of respect, though sometimes I remain seated. Always silent. If I'm feeling spiritual or reflective, I'll use that time to do some thinking or sending vibes or something.
The degree of the tear is how deep it is, and 2nd degree is the most common tear. Most 1st time mamas I see in the hospital get a 2nd degree if they don't get an episiotomy. As far as how many stitches, it's more of a running stitch like in sewing, so it's not counted as if it were a cut on your finger where you get 2 or 4 or 7 stitches. Does that make any sense? Mama, there is no way you can pop your stitches by pooping. Even if it were a mamoth sized, rock-hard...
Sorry I haven't checked back. When I started this thread i was dying for rice-a-roni (ya think?), but now my tastes have shifted, as they'll do in pregnancy. So, I haven't been able to try out any of the recipes yet, but there are more than a few that interest me, so I'll have to check them out when the anti-creamy part of the morning sickness passes. (I'm all about hard and crunchy right now)
Hey all. Haven't been around in quite a while. Maybe now that I'll have a baby coming soon, I can look forward to play dates and whatnot (not many playdates being held now for 11 year old boys! lol). Was just wondering if anyone had a recommendation for a psychic or intuitive in the area. Also-Most likely going with Dale Cook for a home birth. Can anyone PM me with any inside info--what you liked about her, what you didnt, etc.
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