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My simon gift account took almost two weeks.
oh my goodness....no one needs a PM! Read the posts, guys!
well hhmmph! I've never spoken to you on the phone. :
: I cannot comment at this time. :
Can anyone find a phone number for IPZ? Like I mentioned earlier--I ripped my check in half and I'd like it replaced. They say they can replace it, but it doesn't have a link to follow in order to inquire. I got my treasuretroopers check today.
Like I said....I'd like to submit something(s) if I know where the money is going. Also--what about rights? Who will own the rights once the book is published? Will they go back to me so that I can persue publication in other venues in the future?
Copy and Paste CrazyRed...copy and paste
nyveronica--could you post a link to your thread? I'd love to read through it. OdeToJoy is right. Financial aid yeah...we looked at one place (for 1st grade) that was 20k per year. They could knock it down to $14k (and this was when we were broke). I'm not sure I'd even qualify for and decent fin. aid, because I make too much. And like I mentioned, unfortunately, most private schools are religious, and I do have a problem with ds being taught that God is the...
Lotus, au contraire (sp? my high school french eludes me) ANYONE can "get" this fairy tale. 'Tis no joke. You have only to read the posts, and visit other MDC boards. Questions and Suggestions might have some interesting reads. But who am I to say?
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