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Homemade Lara bars are actually really easy to make and much less expensive:   http://enlightenedcooking.blogspot.com/2008/02/home-made-lara-bars-energy-bars-part-3.html
Wish we had gone blueberry picking this year! Last year we froze 20 lbs. and ate them all winter. Maybe I'll look around for some tomatoes to freeze. Would I blanch them and remove the skins to freeze? Or puree? I would be using them in sauces.
You're brave for being willing to post photos!   I am contemplating drastically reducing the number of physical books in my office. I saw a colleague's office once, and she had 4-5 key books with everything else on the computer. Her office truly was almost paperless. Something to aspire to (for me).
Come to think of it, I could also get rid of some other books, set up shelves or half-shelves for my volunteering materials (2x) and school books (I am in a certificate program and taking a class right now), and move a couple of musical instruments out of the office. I may have to set up a stool and stand for our keyboard in there, since there is no other space for it in the apt., but if I get everything cleaned out, that should be no problem. Thanks for starting this...
Oh, yeah! I'm in. I work at home and my office is a disaster right now. I did a huge file clean-out last summer, so the closet just needs a mild declutter of some craft stuff. My desk could be cleaned in 15 min. Otherwise I need to send off some professional books I promised to someone, go through supplies & consolidate them in one place, and get rid of "antiques" such as old computer cables and, ummm, floppy disks! Oh, and large tumbleweeds of cat hair...
mum4boys - Excellent tip. My SIL got this when she worked there.
Beetlejuice? Nightmare before Christmas?   I think actual horror movies aren't suitable for anyone!
We like non-traditional breakfasts - heated up leftovers is one. DD1 and I don't much like "regular" breakfast foods. Another is chia pudding - mix 1/4 to 1/3 c. chia seeds (milled or whole) with 1 cup milk of your choice. I find that thin coconut milk or vanilla soy milk works best. Add fruit!
I guess I look at it the other way around. Since $20k in tax dollars is going toward education, why can't $50 of the money that's already there be earmarked for supplies?
Back to the original question, have you gotten an answer from the school about that?
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