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  Love that! I should pretend it's spring, too!
MON, TUE and WED went according to plan. THU kids were at a friend's, so DH and I ate leftovers from lunch out. FRI (tonight) we had rice, black beans, roasted cauliflower and salad. SAT Out at a friend'sNEXT WK starting SUN in no particular order:* Pasta & tomato sauce, parmesan* Tacos - flour/corn tortilla with black beans* Lentil/bean soup* Probably some kind of curry - either Indian or Thai* Something with ground beef
MON was potato and salmon bake based on a Janssons Frestelse (Jansson's Surprise) recipe. Pretty good. TUE Black bean tacos with flour tortillas WED Spaghetti and meatballs, sauteed mushrooms THU Lentil curry, rice and roasted cauliflower FRI Not sure yet! Maybe something with eggs - I have a ton of those from Costco
White bean soup - not great. The flavoring was rosemary and thyme, which I don't love, and it was kind of bland. Tonight - Rice and chicken/tofu bowls with vegetables, cucumber salad w/soy sauce/ponzu, Japanese rice topping, nori, wasabi
Last night was tacos, tonight; Budget Bytes white bean Crockpot soup.
I often skip that step, but it's more like stewed chicken then - the chicken cooks in the released fat and juices. I haven't had it burn.
I am Eastern European and DH is very marginally Irish so we don't do St. Paddy's. We did have Szechuan with my cousin Sunday, though! :-)
Tonight was spaghetti, jar of sauce, parmesan and choice of ground beef or sauteed veggies (onions, garlic, mushrooms, red pepper, cauliflower, asparagus). DD2 and sleepover friend put theirs in taco shells for spaghetti tacos.   Tomorrow friends are coming over, so I am planning on some kind of grilled marinated chicken thighs, asparagus, tater tots, and salad. Enough there to feed all the picky kids. Thank goodness I was able to hit Costco, so I have plenty of chicken...
I used to make this, but with potatoes, kielbasa or pork country (boneless) ribs, and sauerkraut (mixed with some brown sugar to cut the sourness). Yum!
Yay, on a roll lately. I've been trying new recipes, and the family is pretty happy about it. It's also giving me a chance to clean out old cookbooks. I'm leafing through, marking recipes, trying some, and then dumping the books that have been on the shelf for ages for sentimental or other reasons (e.g., I used to think I would like to tackle baking, but I actually can't stand it). Some of them just don't reflect the way we eat anymore - sadly, Laurel's Kitchen is going to...
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