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Good thinking - I will definitely try making them & then thaw for a while first. Nothing is quick without a microwave, really, but I could take them out in the afternoon and then serve for dinner/take out on a weekend morning and serve for lunch, or something like that. Thanks!
The baked fish and vegetables turned out great! I used the recipe and baked thinly sliced potatoes, jalapeno, onion/garlic, and chopped herbs in some herb butter with a cup of veg broth for 15 min., then added the ocean perch filets (seasoned with seasoned salt and smoked paprika) and baked for another 20 min. or so. The recipe said 10 min. for the fish, but it took longer. Also, today was paczki day (Polish filled doughnut - hey, I'm in the Chicago area), so YUM! Our...
Sorry, Caliope - Didn't process that you had said this before I posted. Seems like a reasonable approach to me.
  Very interesting discussion. I have a 14-year-old DD, and she does not have a BF yet, but is starting high school next year, so I have been mulling over issues like this. Two questions - Did you ever talk to your kids about the age of consent? Sounds like here the BFs are the same age (frankly, it came up & DD and I talked about it due to a dumb TV show where a HS junior was dating her twenty-something teacher). Also, did you speak with the BF's family about the...
Yum! I have thought of making up a bunch of burritos like thishttp://foodbabe.com/2012/08/14/fast-food-the-quickest-burrito-youll-ever-make/and freezing them, but I only have a toaster oven, no microwave, so I'll have to test it to see if I can heat them up from frozen.
Still deciding whether to use the dried lentils or a can of cannellini beans! I would say brown lentils and kidney beans are at the bottom of the pile for me, too, but I will eat them - just not my first choice. The pad thai turned out great. I will definitely make that again.
Well, I have half a plan for this week!   Mon - Tofu Pad Thai using a pad thai sauce packet: http://www.asianhomegourmet.com/our-range/thai/thai-pad-thai.php Tue - Baked fish and vegetables: http://freshfishhouse.com/perch-baked-with-vegetables-recipe/ Wed - Lentil or bean soup - bag of frozen soup veg, lentils/beans, box of veg stock + seasonings (garlic, onion, etc.), maybe with garlic toast   I stocked up on some stuff recently like boxed mac & cheese, boxes of...
More on Chicago charter schools in the press of late!   Charter school wants to open in a bldg. formerly used by a school closed last year in a wave of school closings (after CPS said those bldgs. would not be used for charter schools): http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Opinion-Charter-Advocates-Want-It-Both-Ways-On-Empty-Schools-247616011.html   Do charter schools expel too many...
Taking notes for new breakfast ideas! I have been liking the oats soaked with yogurt and fruit overnight, too.
 That's a great week of meals! It would really suit my family, too.
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