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to Mylie
 Looks like it's spaghetti and meatballs day. I will be making the roasted cauliflower on the side, and maybe a salad if I get ambitious!
To clarify, our town has no charters, i.e. public schools run by private entities. We have magnets, which are regular public schools that take students from their neighborhood as well as others who win the lottery to attend. There is no test to get into the magnets here. They are K-8 (other schools K-5 and 6-8) advertised as having a special focus - technology or modern languages. However, all the schools and programs follow the same basic curriculum with some shift in...
I agree with your assessment. In our town, the magnets are used to some degree to get out of the neighborhood schools because there is a perception that the neighborhood schools aren't as good. Not true, in my opinion. And magnet entry is by neighborhood and then lottery anyway, so they are not the type of school where you go if you excel in math, the arts, whatever. I kind of don't see the point.
Hope the odor thing gets better soon! Can you do cheese? Lots of variations on grilled cheese/panini that might work for dinner.
The lasagna rolls look good! I have been making soups like that, too. The other day it was veg soup - box of stock, some frozen mixed veg, onion, garlic, potato, sweet potato, frozen green beans and seasoned with some red pesto. Tonight was Thai green curry vegetables with rice and cucumber saladTues - Pizza with store-bought crustWeds - Taco salad with ground beef and black beansThur - Spaghetti and meatballs Somewhere in there will be roasted cauliflower, too. I tried...
They are embraced in my district, too, but I agree that there are some similar problems with them.
Regarding IL, here is what I found on the Chicago Public Schools site: Charter School applicants must be incorporated as an Illinois not-for-profit organization and are strongly encouraged to file for federal 501c3 status. Pursuant to Illinois Charter Schools Law, the District may not grant a charter to a for-profit entity; however , a not-for-profit entity is permitted to hold the charter from the District and contract with a for-profit entity for certain services that...
For anyone who wants to read a long article about the sordid details of how things are done in Chicago:   http://www.chicagomag.com/Chicago-Magazine/February-2014/uno-juan-rangel/
In the $10 gas scenario, it's possible people would make arrangements with those of us with larger cars to take kids to/from school - avoid the public transportation issue for kids too young & possible also cheaper for both parties. Interesting discussion!
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