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In the $10 gas scenario, it's possible people would make arrangements with those of us with larger cars to take kids to/from school - avoid the public transportation issue for kids too young & possible also cheaper for both parties. Interesting discussion!
Tonight either pasta alla norma or baked eggplant parmesan to use up an eggplant that came in a vegetable box I got this week. I guess I didn't plan that well, because tomorrow is pasta bolognese at my sister's. May rethink!
The places around here have, too. There are still 50% off and 25% off tags, but of course, that will be the stuff not quite in season or whatever.
Zebra, I know, right? I have gone I think three times since October (when I went for Halloween costume stuff). I limit myself to when I "need" (I guess that word can be debated) something - in this case it was the clothes I mentioned above, because I know I will find something else I like or want to get for my kids. Hence my new frying pans...
Another point - maybe I'm too jaded from living in Illinois and seeing Chicago politics up close, but I think here part of the aim is union busting. Charter school teachers are not members of the teachers' union (at least in Chicago). Some of them have unionized separately.   http://www.aftacts.org/charter-news/152-unions-move-in-at-chicago-charter-schools-and-resistance-is-swift   Full disclosure - my Dh is a teacher and union rep. There is plenty that could be...
Ours is rated at 21 city and 28 highway, but it's a Mazda 5 - the small mini-van-ish car. Pretty much every day I need to transport between 2 and 5 kids, and the problem is that smaller, more fuel-efficient cars don't fit enough people. We are only a family of 4, so if we weren't taking other kids after school, we could get a Civic, Matrix, etc. and be fine. That would definitely be a consideration if gas was $10. Thinking about it, I'm not sure we could get everyone where...
Stopped at the thrift store today. Mostly I got some clothes I needed - corduroy jacket, nice top, scarf, shirt, exercise pants, a t-shirt for DD1. A sleepover bag for DD2. A couple of mugs. The score was camping stuff: two enameled bowls and two enameled iron frying pans (old Descoware made in Belgium). The frying pans go for something like $20 each on eBay, and I got two for about $10. Not super cheap, but a nice deal.
I have to say, I am going to have to stop reading this thread, or I will not be able to go to the water park next week!
Awwww, miss those days! 10-yr. old had a bad dream and came in our bed last night. Not the same!! (no room for my arms!!) PS Thai soup turned out well. I'm on a crock pot roll, so I think I will continue it today with Mexican casserole. Beans, tortillas and random odds and ends layered and cooked in the slow cooker. I have a bunch of avocados from a veg box, so those can be on the side. Plain black beans & sour cream for DD2 who doesn't like casseroles.
Wow, cool. I think that's almost double what our cars get. Yes, carS. Ugh. If gas was $10, we might dump my car, and I would just deal with getting kids around on the bus/walking. Although when it's -15F that prospect is not too enticing.
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