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Congrats everyone!! SO much baby love!
Our little baby girl Temperance Lee arrived peacefully earthbound into a warm pool of water at home on Thanksgiving @ 2:12pm surrounded by her mama, daddy, sister and brother (and a few others). What a wonderful experience. 7# 5oz   20" of sweet joy!      Congrats to everyone else!!!
Congrats Sila... Quick labor is right!!    Any news Vaq? 
39 weeks and 2 days..... almost there!!
I clean every day (WHICH I NEVER DO)  but since I am having a HB a NEED a clean house.  My kids just don't get it though. =)  I am also crocheting longies since I already have a car seat blanket, about 10 hats, a cocoon, booties, etc... I can't stop crocheting.  lol Nothing happening here... on the birthing front... NO cramps, no discharge, nothing!  However nothing ever happens (in prior pregnancies) until I am in labor (active labor at that)
Vaq- Hope labor starts soon! Glad you worked out your EDD better.
I might still be with you Sila... Not "due" for 1.5 wks so we will see. I usually go right on my EDD or within a day.   We blew up the pool yesterday and I picked up the last few things I needed (freezer bags for placenta, and a  thermometer) yesterday. Now I am trying new meals to put in the freezer. I already have a bunch in there but figure why not since I still have time. 
Congrats Hippy!!     
Congrats 100%, Sunnie, and Sunkist!! How awesome!!  From Sunday to Tuesday night I had been at a client's birth for over 36 hours... I won't go into too many details but it was a rough 48 hrs of an induction of strong birthing mama! Who welcomed her baby boy 11/12/13 at 7pm. I became so connected to her through this time. It was very emotional for me being so 37+ wks pregnant and watching have to endure that. I definitely need to process through and concentrate on myself...
Beautiful Uriver!  
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