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At first blush I would request a genetics appointment. I might not help with gaining skills like therapy does, but it might give answers. Could be metabolic or chromosomal. 
Thank you for sharing. My second baby came into this world in traumatic fashion too, with a placental abruption 5 weeks early. We dealt with the NICU and seizures and all the same tests. She is 4 now doing well. Big hugs to you for making it through. 
I had a tubal, so I am sure no more. DD was a surprise pregnancy and it took me a long time to wrap my head around 3 kids. Really almost until she was born. That said, she is the dream baby and I am so sentimental and sad to see her getting bigger. If I could guarantee another baby like her I'd want one more. lol But I can't. My second was a preemie with a brain injury and a NICU stay, so I know exactly how not easy it can go. I can't risk it. But I sure am loving on this...
 Thank you Peony. I think our children might be the exact same age. Is he July 09? I "think" we might have been in that ddc together.  I think the issue for me is I also don't have the time and energy to go looking for schools again. I visited so many when we were told we could not come back last spring. I went to about a dozen and the one I chose was, I thought, the best fit. They had a girl with CP go through it a few years back so seemed open to SN kids. There are a few...
 Thank you! That is another option we have. There is a teacher from the school we went to last year who adored dd, and she and her daughter run an in home daycare that is sort of Montessori based. They would gladly take dd, but they have much younger children and I am not sure that would be great for her. I think they are mainly 1-2.5 year olds. I also did not like their facility- but that is still an option as she would be loved and worked with more closely. It's kind of...
I have a 4 year old who has a diagnosis of mild CP along with a genetic condition. She has not been evaluated since we left EI at 3. At that time she was showing global delays, but they were mild and we opted to move out of the special ed system with the exception of getting speech once a week though the school district. Since then we have had a very bad experience with the Montessori school my older child loved. We put her a year back in the 2-3 program at 3 and at the...
I don't think it would, alone, be considered a reason to qualify someone as developmentally delayed. But, our birth to three program will cover the cost of diapers if the child is not trained at 4. My sn child trained a few months before her 4th birthday, but she is still a bit inconsistent and terrified of public bathrooms. So we have to throw a pull up on her if we are going to be out for a long time. 
I've had pretty good luck with Bio Gaia probiotics for baby with reflux. It's a baby specific strain and seems to make a lot of difference with reflux. I think Gerber bought the company that made it since my preemie, but it's the same thing. Walgreens sells it as Gerber reflux drops and it says Bio Gaia at the top. Worth a try! 
  This is us too. #3 is so sweet and easy. Sleeps great at night, has nice mellow awake periods. It's actually a little disconcerting. I've googled mellow baby several times to reassure myself that she is a variant of normal. lol #2 was a NICU baby with special needs, so this is truly a blessing. 
Was true for all 3 of mine.
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