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My first dating us had me 3-4 day behind when I would have been due for conception.  I think it is accurate as we dtd at a time we thought was marginally safe and I think the sperm lived 4-5 days. I also have a girl, which according to some comes from longer living sperm. 
Anyone else have a really sleepy baby? DD is 2 weeks today and she is still asleep most of the time. I would guess we have maybe 4 hours total of awake time a day. I don't remember my other two being so sleepy, but I don't remember them being 2 weeks old much either. 
My favorite thing is not waking up to pee every hour. I get better sleep nursing a newborn than I did 9 months pregnant. Now I can actually go two feedings without getting up to pee. It's luxurious. 
Ugh. I have mastitis, and since I had a c section the docs are freaking a little. I have been put on strict bedrest for 3 days. Apparently it would be very bad if the breast infection spread to the abdominal wound. I am also terrified that the antibiotics will lead to thrush. My midwife suggest placing cabbage leaves against the breast to help draw out the infection- so I think I am going to try that too. Can't hurt, right? 
I'm thrilled to fit in my regular clothes. For the first time in pregnancy I hardly gained any weight (I was up 65 lbs with my DS), and at 10 days post partum I can wear my jeans- that is if they didn't hit my c section scar weird-  It's the coolest thing. I really feel a lot more like myself than I ever have this soon after birth before.  However I also have mastitis, which really sucks. 
Congratulations! She's gorgeous and your birth sounds perfect even with the slight change of plans!
Sky we are dealing with tongue tie too. On both sides, as apparently they can have it on the top lip too. LC referred us to a dentist who will use a laser. I have the exact same tie, so she got it from me. She is nursing ok, but super gassy from swallowing air. Carmen- mine is super sleepy too. Freaks me out a bit. She is really on,y alert a few times a day. She was a little preterm, 38.5, so I think that has something to do with it too.
Welcome home Edelweiss! My last was a NICU baby, I know how amazing it is to graduate!! Congrats on the pumping too!!
My sweetie Vivienne Frances arrived Monday via C Section. It was textbook from start to finish. My body handled it great, recovery has been fine, baby is sweet as can be. I greatly preferred vaginal delivery, but I do love the perfect round baby head this baby has. Lol
My baby is here and home. We had a textbook c section Monday afternoon. Baby and I did great, recovery was intense, but not unexpected. I greatly prefer vaginal birth! That said, 3 days post I feel good and my little sweetie is the best.
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