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I can relate. Pregnancy brings out the crazy in me. I obsess over what could go wrong, find myself drawn to pregnancy and birth horror stories. It's not good. I try to ignore the worry and go about my day, but that's easier the third time around. I think if you got some great sleep you might feel better. Try some homeopathic sleep remedies. I am also a huge fan of the stress formula from this line.  http://www.wishgardenherbs.com/gallery/pregnancy
Prayers for you and your baby! 
Oh Melly, I am so sorry. I hate that kind of stress and worry. Please stay off the internet though. I tend to torture myself with the what ifs and lurk on boards that do me no good. Especially without more info. I'm waiting on my CVS results too, and it's stressful. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts. 
Those are about the same figures my GC gave, but stresses that the test is not diagnostic. Just a screening. She really wanted to stress that if you get a positive result you should have it verified with CVS or Amnio. Not make a decision based on that test alone. In the 7 months that have administered the test they have had two false readings. One + for T18 and amnio showed no trisomies. One - for Ds and baby on birth was found to have Ds. Still MUCH better than the quad...
I had my MIL stay for 3 weeks when dd was born, and it was awesome. She was in the NICU and we were trying to be with her as much as possible while keeping routine with our 3 year old. MIL eats like we do and did all the cooking and shopping and lots of cleaning. My mom came after and she did a lot of cleaning and buying take out, but she eats differently than we do and did not cook for us. My dad and his wife- who require attention- did not come until dd was 2 months...
It's an invasive genetic test like amino. My second has a genetic disorder so it's pretty important to us to know early on if we have anything going on with this babe.
I am in outside sales and only work in the city once a week. East bay one day, Marin one day, napa Sonoma the other. I love it. DH commutes to Marin which is still an hour with traffic. I love the city to visit, but the weather gets to me. Too cold and way too gray in the summer. All you do Is cross the golden gate and suddenly it's all sunny and gorgeous. East bay is foggy too. I lived 2 years in the Pacific Northwest and gray and I do not mix.Check out Fairfax if you are...
Technically I am now in Sonoma county now. Nicer with the kids.
You will love it here! It's amazing. I've lived in 5 other states and keep coming back.    Yes, it hurt a lot. Probably more than it should of as then had to move my cervix pretty far south to straighten it, and get access to the placenta- which was really painful. Thank god for yoga breathing. They also gave me tertubiline sp? to relax the uterus which was no fun. Like 5 cups of coffee. It was over in 10 minutes though. 
I had my CVS yesterday and it was pretty intense. My placenta was in the worst spot for it. Stuck to the back of my uterus. Ironic as I had an anterior placenta with both other babies! At least I will feel more movement this time. results in 7-10 days. My genetic counselor told me in the 7 months they have been offering the maternit21 test they have had two false readings! One baby born with DS after a negative test, and a positive test for T18 and follow up amino showed...
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