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I head the author on NPR as well and was intrigued. Now am I going to add this to my next to download list. Thank you! 
This was and is and always will be my favorite! 
At my OB the portable ultrasound they used for dating did not have a speaker, so I could not hear the heartbeat nor did it tally it for me. I asked the doc what the bpm were and she guessed. Maybe they have an older machine as well? For our 20 week they use a sonographer and a fancy machine, but use the portable to just do quick checks. 
We have a surprise 3rd baby coming this summer and I don't think I can fit 3 across in my car, nor do I want to get a minivan. My oldest will be 6.75 at the time. He is 48" and 50# now. He is currently in a Britax Frontier with the belt. He got to move from the harness to the belt when he turned 6. My 3 year old is teeny tiny and in the Britax Boulevard. I would like to fit a bucket seat in. I have a Lexus RX400h. The smaller suv. I also don't have latch in the middle...
I have heard of twins hiding if one is in front of the other- anxious to see what happens in 4 weeks! 
I did not have an u/s until 9 weeks but the heart rate was 150. Can you google and see what the range of normal is? I think there is a very large range. I know they used to say high hr was a girl and lower was a boy. IDK though. Try not to worry! 
No, belly button is 20 weeks. I think you have your weeks ahead in your mind.
Had my first appointment today, had a dating u/s and saw the hb. I've been sort of in denial that there is a baby in there- and that really brought it home. lol 
Wow, I've never heard of that before. I am on pregnancy 3 and I can clearly feel my fundus. It's about half way to my belly button and I am 9 weeks. They didn't measure it at my prenatal today though. Nor check with a doppler. (had an u/s instead) 
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