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My doc said the A1C is less accurate than the tolerance test. But that combined with a fasting or two will give a good enough idea. I tend to throw up the glucose drink- which invalidates the test- which is one of the reasons I downright refused this time. Two pregnancies 4 GTT. Enough for me. 
QOTD: I am living in dresses. I have a lot of stretchy ones that are not even maternity and fit well. Also yoga top skirts. It's been in the 90s here and I am swelling- so flip flops and dresses are my go to. 
  I just looked it up- it's called glycohemoglobin A1C. They tested me, and probably you, for it in the first trimester blood work. That is how they catch diabetes early. They repeated this test for me and I volunteered to do a fasting draw as well- but they wanted to see how this came back first. 
I successfully refused the GD test yesterday. Was stressed about it- but made my case. I've taken the test 6 times with two kids. I don't eat sugar and have a habit of throwing up the solution which invalidates the test. There is another blood test they can do that measures how well your body has responded to sugars over the past three months. They are doing that one for me instead. Maybe you can ask for that one Edelweiss? 
Welcome, and congrats on your baby girl. :)
QOTD: Strawberries. They are ripe and in season here again. There is this sweet little Strawberry stand on the way home from the kids school. Organic and picked fresh each morning. They are to die for. I think today I am going to make a strawberry shortcake. 
Yes, I had this a few times at the end of the first trimester. It actually happens to me a lot the year after baby comes too. Something about hormones- the doc said not to worry. 
My family is full of non shortened names. All three sisters had no nick name, and my youngest sister and I have 4 syllable names. My DH is a Stephen and he bristles if you call him Steve. My daughter is Penelope and I made it very clear in the early days Penny was not an option. Now no one calls her anything buy Penelope. 
    I know to little boys named Milo- and I really love it! 
  My dd is Penelope too. :)
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