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My top runners for a boy (we are having a girl) were Henry, Calvin, and Gideon. 
I am refusing it, and I had GD last time around. I have refused the standard test, where I drink more sugar than I consumer in a week and feel ill for 3 hours after being starved the night before. I am, instead, doing two fasting glucose draws a few days apart- and a total blood sugar count after a meal. It's a pain to get into a lab first thing for the fasting draw, but I am just not going to drink that drink. If they offered my organic juice I might reconsider. 
I had a good friend in high school with MD. She was in a wheel chair full time- but had walked until she was 10 maybe? Then started using the wheel chair more and more and eventually full time. She was one of the most popular girls in school- and people tripped over themselves to help her. She had boyfriends and amazing parties at her house. She lived a very full life, even though she needed support from people who cared about her. She even drove this fancy little Miata...
I hear you. I would love a pair that is not black. Seems the only colors you can get are black and grey- and I don't every wear either. Occasionally lululemon has a cute green, but really it's hard. :)
New Chapter prenatal- probiotic- wholemega fish oil. 
Congrats on your girl Cathy!! 
  No idea, they were sort of pressing and then moving over to the sides. I think to get to the side of baby? It felt really weird. 
  Yay!!! So glad to hear it. :)
I had my big US yesterday and saw the girl parts. It seemed more real that the results of the genetic tests. On a weird note, the ultrasound was painful, the lady was pressing really hard on my belly. I guess baby was facing back and cuddling with the placenta and it was hard to get measurements. Well after I spotted for a couple of hours. It went away and the baby is still moving plenty- but it was strange. 
Just checking back to see if you are in the clear Melly.  
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