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My number one complaint this pregnancy is food aversion. It all sounds bad. Especially if I make it. Which sucks because I am a food blogger! The only thing I can stomach is mexican take out- but when I eat it I feel sick an hour later. This is my lowest weight gain to date for a pregnancy. It's so weird! 
Thanks ladies! 
We had the stomach flu blow through our house last weekend and i finally had to wear a pad since every time I puked I peed myself a little. It was awful on top of awful!
So about two years ago a friend in my moms group was pregnant. She is one of those who does not find out the sex beforehand and does not share the names they are thinking before the baby comes. 3 weeks before she has the baby a few of us go out for dinner and names come up as a topic of conversation. I say, if I ever have another girl I will name her Eloise. The other women list their favorite names too. Well 3 weeks later she has the baby and she names her Eloise. Hard...
I had an anterior placenta with my first two and it took a while to feel much. My first, I was well past 20 weeks. My second I felt earlier but they were few and far between. Guess only when she kicked the sides did I feel her. She was pretty mellow the whole pregnancy actually! This time I have a placenta glued to the back wall of my uterus, which I know from how awkward it made the CVS procedure. It shocks me how much more I feel this baby. Either that, or she is...
Congrats Melly!! 
My current pregnancy was conceived on cd7. I usually have a long cycle. Should have been safe. Didn't feel any signs. By ultrasound sperm lived 5 days. (Dating fetus age vs my conception day) now 16 weeks pregnant with baby girl. 
I was pregnant on my honeymoon. I had no idea, my period was due while we were there and I felt like I had all the symptoms of it "coming any minute". I drank every day. Not a lot, but at least three glasses of wine a day. My son is 6 and totally fine.    I have a friend who was 6 weeks pregnant and started bleeding. She though for sure she was miss carrying. She went out and got smashed on whiskey that night. Only to find out two days later baby was still there....
I'm going at 21. Better view of the heart after 20, and mine is a level 2 so they want to see the heart. I had the cvs though, so I know the sex. I'm not in a hurry. 
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