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I take new chapter whole mega. It's completely unrefined, sustainable harvested, salmon oil. I get a little weirded out by the highly refined dha products. Seems so unnatural. 
Porcelina sending you light and love. My goddaughter  has T21, and I have a child with a genetic condition. Pm me if I can be of help.    Melly- congratulations on your boy! 
Wow, what a journey. You and baby are in my thoughts and prayers!
  For me it was being proactive. Getting in therapy right away. I also found this organization early on. They made a huge difference for us. Having a home therapy program for me to do really made me feel like I was making a contribution to my child. As a natural born "fixer" it was so so great for me- and for her too!    http://nacd.org/labels/genetic_disorders.php
I feel baby about once a day. Little flutter and some twirls sort of. It's great. I felt the last one around 12 weeks, but my first not until like 20. This time I have a posterior placenta so I think it helps. 
I'm so sorry about your cat Coffee. It's the one bad thing about having pets in your family- you always outlive them. We lost our beloved dog two years ago in May and I still think about him every day.    I'm doing ok. I've had a low grade headache for almost a week now. I am assuming it is sinus related. Our trees are blooming and I have terrible allergies. I need to start up with my netti pot again.  I am feeling movement for sure now. (14weeks) but only maybe once...
Hi, try this site.   http://www.rarechromo.org/html/home.asp   Under information they have disorder leaflets. It's hard when you don't know exactly what is going on- but you can look at the 22Q stuff.    Also try not to panic. Just love your baby and wait for the results. My dd has a deletion on chromosome 9. 3 years ago we were totally panicked and reading lots of disheartening information. She has written her own story and a lot of what we read does not...
We told our kids on Monday, and it only took until Wednesday for DS to "share" our news at school circle. 
  You decided to do the amnio too? Are you going to do the micro-array? I just got back my CVS results and they were normal- but then they asked me if I wanted the mico-array, which tests for an additional 300ish things. It would cost me $650 out of pocket, so I am pretty sure I am saying no. But I have a friend who just had her CVS, normal, then had the micro-array and found two problems. She terminated at 17 weeks, and is a wreck because of it. Had to go though labor,...
I'm so sorry Melly. That sounds horrible. The waiting is the worst part. :(   I will tell you that I had the CVS and while I did get the results in 10 business days, the procedure was intense and painful- and you had to be on bed rest for 72 hours afterward. Meaning no lifting anything over 10lbs. It was not easy. Even so the waiting nearly killed me. 
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