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I starting doing this here on MDC in 2008! I made a chart this year to give away on my blog: http://www.nourishingminimalism.com/2012/12/2013-in-2013-decluttering-challenge.html
Wow, I was hoping I'd get to read a response to that! I am hoping for the same information. I do know that health and nutrition play a role, if you have an excellent diet it reduces your chance of preterm labor.
Have you checked the Bradley instructors in your area, or any Amish communities? Perhaps they know some "underground" midwives?
We had it a few months ago, a home school family we know had it so we went for a visit. My oldest (14.5) had had the vaccine 10 years ago and got chicken pox. It wasn't too bad for him though. It's out there... but people were *freaked* out that we had it and everyone avoided it. The family we got it from said their home school group totally avoided them, so it doesn't seem that many people want to be exposed.
Did you find one? We go to Jennell Duey at Billings Clinic (Lamplighter). I've known her for years, and actually when my son had a fungal infection in his ear, she just told me to put a mix of vinegar/alcohol in his ear for 10 days. She has no problem with me diagnosing and using garlic oil for ear infections and I don't vax, she respects that. You do need to establish care with a dr. and then you can ask for their nurse's number, b/c the nurse can often work you into...
Sarah- I think I live pretty close to you, we live on Custer. I am trained to be a midwife but not licensed either so haven't done any births here yet so am working as a doula right now. Have you tried ginger tea for your morning sickness? Please feel free to PM me, I'll get you my phone number and whatnot. I have lots of resources you are welcome to as well.
I take 2000 to 4000, but I'm not sure how much goes through breastmilk- one nutritionist told me it would get through and then yesterday another one said it doesn't pass into breastmilk. So was planning to do an internet search on that. I have my 2 yr taking 1000. We live in Montana, so we won't get any vit. D from the sun till next summer.
I am hypoglycemic. It's not something you can check when checking blood sugar- it's based on symptoms. When I was at my worst I would eat 1 mini doughnut (yes, the tiny ones) and feel dizzy/fast heart rate/can't breath within 30 min. I had to change my diet. I don't like protein- hate eggs, etc. I love sugar and junk food. I had to force myself to give up sugar and eat healthy- snacks were cheese, chicken, milk, yogurt, nuts, etc. I have gotten to where I can eat sugary...
It doesn't really matter... as long as I can eat ALOT and not have heartburn. But Papa Murphey's has this great chicken/garlic pizza... that might be nice. :-)
Oh- and I have to say, when the q-tip on the toilet was mentioned, my first thought was "What a great idea!!!"
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